Terra Cotta Pots, Coating inside?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by sc8per_7, Jan 22, 2005.

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    Good Day,

    I found a Large Terra Cotta pot I want to use in one of my install, Has any one ever sealed the inside of one? if so,what did you use and did it last? I don't want to use a pond liner I want to paint the inside after I seal it. I'm going to use some mini Water Lilly's, Mini Cat tails, Horsetail Rush and some Iris Japenese Varigated.

    Or if any one has any suggestions I'm open. I have time to test to see if it holds water, I'm doing the all the hard scape and Beds right now, but won't plant until this spring .
    Thanks, God Bless. Art :D
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    There's a product made for sealing terra cotta pots. You can find it at Michaels in the the section with the terra cotta pots. It's a spray and I don't remember the name but you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. Good Luck

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