Terra Star, F-550?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by vtscaper, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. EA Quinn

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    I have heard they have a lot of issues with the EGR and turbo on the newer ford trucks. Just about any work requires unbolting the cab to even work on the motor. We just got our price quote on the terrastar. It is as follows:

    2012 Terrastar 4x2 SFA TA005
    wheelbase 158"
    (pretty much a base model, no chrome etc.) $42,626.00

    Body: Galion with fold down sides 125"
    18" high sides
    4 cubic yard water level
    includes towing plate and d rings $7,850.00
  2. bobcat_ron

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    My brother's 2008 F550 is a pig on fuel, I drove a total of 150 kms loaded with a 18,000 load all day and it went though 3/4 of a tank, not good if you ask me. Another big turn off with any diesel engine other than a Cummins or Duramax is the lack of a real engine brake, the Fords put too much reliance on the foundation brakes and the tachometer just buries itself when descending a 7 percent grade from 70 km/h.
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  3. PTSolutions

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    sure is nice getting 20mpg hand calc'd on my 6.4.

    and we have had issues with oil pans and rusted brake lines on our chevys as well.
  4. ClassicLawnCareInc

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    I havent had any problems with my Fords. I have 4 of them problem free so far. I love my f-450 esp. We use it every day.
  5. vtscaper

    vtscaper LawnSite Member
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    we run all fords now and currently have for diesels the 7.3, 6.4, and 6.7. 7.3 is just an unstoppable beast, super reliable and not bad on fuel. no real issues with the 6.4 decent power but horrible on fuel. the 6.7 has been great so far..only 16k on it. nice power and waaaay better than 6.4 on fuel. it pulls 10k all day long without flinching.

    i just feel that for basically the same money you are getting way more truck with the terra star. losing some veratility and ride comfort but overall much beefier truck..

    still havent slowed down long enough yet to really crunch things..
  6. vtscaper

    vtscaper LawnSite Member
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    these seem like great prices compared to what we got...

    basically base model with the 185" wheel base is 45,100

    iroquois dump 10' with drop down 15" sides is 10,900

    iroquois manufacturing is local and are a great company but tend to be a bit high..

    do you have a 550 now?
  7. zabmasonry

    zabmasonry LawnSite Senior Member
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    Having no person experience with the terra-star I can't give any judgement. I saw today that landshapes has one spec'd pretty similar to what you're talking about. I know they're the competition, but I'd ask for their input anyways.

    I will say that If I were buying a single axle dump - I'd look for something on a bit heavier chassis, with air brakes and a beefier transmission, and sacrifice age for price. I also just don't trust the newer diesels, particularly when they seem to be pushing the engines right to their max.
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  8. Swampy

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    Old boss had a 4x4 2000 7.3 F550, that thing was a pig plowing. with the hubs locked in high the trip meter was about 140miles = starving for fuel empty. It was scay going down hill pulling a Toro 580D when the trailer brakes stopped working and the truck couldn't stop, take off was even worse pulling the same load. I came up with a theroy on the 7.3 in a F450 or lower its great anything else its a gutless pig.

    And its reablity is another thing but I'm sure it was just this truck, cause he had other 7.3's in a 350, and F-SuperDuty that where perfect.
  9. EA Quinn

    EA Quinn LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yes, we do have a f550 already. We also have a IH 4300 with fold down sides like we are spec'ing. We did get some pricing on the durastar, but the extra payload for the money really wasn't worth it. I think we are going to end up going with the terrastar.
  10. vtscaper

    vtscaper LawnSite Member
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    yeah the dura star is nice but in no way worth the extra 15K or more.

    tell me why you arent buying another 19,500 gvw 550 instead. why does a company of your size need this in between size truck?

    just curious

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