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Terracing a sandy hill

Doster's L & L

LawnSite Senior Member
I got a call to make a back yard look beter and wanted a recommendation on what could be done. She has a hill with a 35-40 degree angle. Now there are plants that are "mulched" with concrete. :confused: Of course the concrete is for holding the soil in place and prevent erosion. The measurements are: Base 175', Highest Point 9', Avg height 6'
The kicker is, the hill is very sandy! After i start digging into the side, will the sand fall in? Will i need an engineer to look at it before i do anything? Building pemit? How deep of a foundation should i dig since this is sand? Usually i use #9 limestone about 4" deep and tamp it, but i think i'm gonna have to dig a 6-8" foundation and pour concrete with rebar for this particular wall.


LawnSite Senior Member
What type of retaining system will u be using and if the soil is that unstable I would get an engineer involved sounds like u have alot of hieght also check your local codes for terrace spacing!

Always protect yourself !!!


Doster's L & L

LawnSite Senior Member
I have only built one retaining wall, so i only know about one type of retaining wall stone. It's a 12"widex4"highx6"deep stone that i got at Lowes. I would, however, like to upsell them and use a more professional type stone at a reputable nursery.

Do you think that the 12"x4"x6" stone would be too light for this job anyway? Any help would be appreciated!!