Terrible Customer Wants Me Back After Firing Me Twice

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I got a surprise message from a former customer today. He wants me back after firing me twice. I worked for him for the end of the 2011 season and the beginning of the 2012. Crappy lawn that he always wanted me to wait to mow until it was overgrown and then wanted it mowed immediately. I took it as a referral from another customer a few houses away. Never liked him or his crappy lawn but I tolerate a bit more on referrals.

He let me go once because he found someone cheaper, then hired me back the following season for $10 more per cut than I had charged him previously. I was there to cut it at two weeks, as scheduled, and he asked me to skip it until the following week. Well, Hurricane Sandy rolled in right after that and I was busy mowing and cleaning up my priority customer's lawns. He kept calling and asking when I'd be there...before the end of the week I kept telling him. He was pretty far down my priority list. So mid afternoon that Saturday I'm quite literally on my way to his place and my wife calls to tell me that he called and was quite irate and said to nevermind, he'll just find someone else. No problem...good riddance. I actually enjoyed driving by and seeing his overgrown hurricane-trashed lawn looking like crap for weeks before he did find someone else. No further contact until his call today, nine years later.

His message was that he wants me to mow for him and to call him back if I can do it. At least that leaves the door open for me to just ignore him. :)


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