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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by guntruck, May 18, 2001.

  1. guntruck

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    I just got finished speaking with a friend who works for another local LCO that does commercial ONLY work. She refers all the residential calls my way to help but anyway, she told me of a terrible mishap that happened to one of there guys last week. He was on an exmark cuttin at the top of a really steep hill and when he went around a tree(that was real close to the edge of the hill) he really shouldnt have, the tires started slipping and down he went!! She said the guys told her it caught a large root and sent the mower airborne and it landed on him blade runnin!!! He was rushed to the emergency room where he was treated for bruises and half his ear ripped off. I reckon he was a little lucky eh? Well just thought i'd share this story with fellow LCO's it makes me a little more aware everytime i hear something aweful like this, and hope this will sharpen others awareness. Good Luck!!!!!!!;)
  2. Toroguy

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    Its good he wasnt seriously injured. It is also a good reminder to think about what your doing, cuz it only takes a slip to create a disaster.

    I always dread the hills using the walk behind. Now I'll be even more cautious.

    Thanks for the "heads up".
  3. Eric ELM

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    A hill has to be the number one accident causing place for a LCO. Just about anytime you hear of an accident, a hill was involved, so be careful members.

    The only accident I have seen with a mower was on a hill. I was working for a farmer and we were changing oil in the new diesel JD 4020. This guys wife was mowing the lawn with a 21" push mower and was pulling it up hill, and slipped and cut all but the big toe off of her one foot. Yucky sight to see, so again, be careful everyone.
  4. Administrator

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    I slipped twice... both times my first thought was "screw this mower" and I bailed clear of disaster.
  5. jnjnlc

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    Hills are dangerous. I was tilling on a hill the other day and the tiller flipped over and before I could let go, it jumped back up on the tires and nearly ran over me. I was a little ticked off to say the least. Not at the tiller but at myself for not being more careful. I know this was not a mower but it still could have done some damage to me.
  6. lawnboy82

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    i know a kid who was cutting a couple of years ago, mower took off down the hill. kid went after it and got burnt real bad on his leg from the muffler. another guy who a good friend of mine knew was opening a gate for a bunton and the machine ran down a hill. guy went after it only to have i believe half his leg mangled real bad or cut off. i am not sure which. then you hear about the wood chipper accidents. those are always good, guy looses foot, guy mangles foot, guy is decapitated by chipper. etc.
  7. Premo Services

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    :eek: Actually, we all need to be safe when using any equiptment,especially commercial equiptment. I have seen times when someone gets hurt that it was the operator that wasn`t thinking saftey, is in a hurry or something .I was working for a forestery dept. years ago and we were splitting wood with a log splitter, the guy working with me,who had been there longer than me was watching some girls,not paying attention and crushed his foot with the machine,steel toes and all------rough!!
  8. guntruck

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    I guess the main reason for the post was to bring forth the fact that not everyone pays attention all the time to detail. I know i am usually always safe but there are times when things almost happen, and its then when i realize, hey dummy, you should have been doing it differently. So this is kinda just a wake up and story in one. =)
  9. Every couple of years a professional surfer (those that make it there living) will die out in the most massive, sick waves. You can only dream of what its like, but not know until you are actually staring at one of those waves in the face. And everytime this happens all other surfers take all the precautions needed. Even passing on certain questionable conditions/waves.

    You culd say that your post sends a big heads up for us in the industry. It will probably save someones life.

  10. TJLC

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    That's one reason I don't own a ztr, hills. I have no problem taking one of my w/b's on a hill. I really admire anyone who has the guts to take a ztr on a hill. Sorry I guess I'm just a wimp. LOL Be careful out there, guys!

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