Terrified of the Lawn Guy

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by adam.neusbaum, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. adam.neusbaum

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    After topdressing a stressed out lawn I suggest they wait 3-4 weeks before cutting, especially during this Spring drought. The customers face is covered with terror & fear. How am I gonna explain this to the lawn guy? Then you should see them when I suggest they also tell him to cut it as high as possible from here on. Why do they respond this way? Because most lawn guys have an ignorant chip on their shoulder that they know what's best for the lawn & the homeowner should just stay in the house behind closed blinds. How do I know this, 'cause I was just that touchy 15 years back when I was cutting grass. I say if they act like babies about not scalping St. Augustine during a drought then get rid of em 'cause there's plenty of others that would just love to cut the lawn at 5". BTW all my friends are lawn cutters so don't take it personal, unless of course you're the touchy-type.
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    I think we are all touchy types to some degree, for me its not cutting grass its art work and as an artist I'm sensitive about my works of art, lol.
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    We have "professionals" mowing up dust storms during the hot dry summer months every year... then these geniusses decide that the h.o. needs to check for fungal disease, because the lawn is turned brown in some spots...

    they say "A Fool Never Learns" and that is becuz you can't tell a fool that he is wrong about anything(not just touchy)...

    I can't imagine that a fool is capable of logical and rational thought processes, because his only thought is to make a stupid idea true...
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    If that homeowner is that scared of the his lawn guy, I would get a new one. Your lawn professional should be someone you can partner with and talk with not hide from.

    That said, I know the LCO's point of view as well. They get tired of the type of customers that bellyache them and nit pick them, not letting them do their job. So they assume all customers will be this way, when in fact 1 out of 20 are like that. Then they treat them all the same way too, but the other 19 should be treated much better.
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    Never really had a problem with someone hiding from me but then again most of my clients have rental properties so I usually get the renters asking me how to fix the BURN mark in the grass or the re-seeding of dead grass area because their friends were parking their car on the grass or they put a "kiddie pool" on the grass for the summer so the grass died. LOL

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