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a lot of that depends on needs of course. For many, us included, 1 of our vehicles could easily be an electric with what they have now. as ranges get up to the 300+ range it's really a non issue for most.

It would suck to "need" it and it needs to charge but almost everyday is the same for us. take kids to sitter, go to work, come home. and on weekends, most of our drives to see family/friends or outdoor rec are 300miles or less, but then we could always keep a gasser around for that.

I don't think electric trucks are going to be forced upon small businesses like lawncare etc before it's already "mainstream" everywhere else and that's a ways off if it happens. I definitely see large corps with the big rigs going to more electric than we might think. dedicated routes, feeder trucks at plants, they have the dedicated space for all their equip already. Easier or more economical anyway to outfit a company than 100 homes for charging.

Plus the OTR stuff could change some. of course this is probably pretty far off as lots would have to change internally and with infrastructure, but gone could be those long days, cab sleepers etc. You live in X city, hop in company rig, haul to Y destination where you drop the the truck for charging and load for new truck to continue on with new driver Pony express style and you rest for a night and hop in newly charged company rig and drive a load back home. or some variation of that.

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