Test on my lawn, no leaf clean ups, mow and chop all leaves for soil stimilant.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Mr Efficiency, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Mr Efficiency

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    Every year I blow all the leaves into piles and remove them the compost pile.

    This year I have not removed one and chopping them all up.
    Mover height is around 3"-3.5" down from 4-5" and Gator blades are on my mower.
    I am using my entire lawn as a test plot, I have not removed any leaves and only chopping them up each mow. Requires a double cut or triple cut when very wet each time and lawn still looks good after.
    Today I did wet leaves and they chopped just fine.

    I know worms love fresh fallen leaves to eat, so by me doing this, it should make the worms very happy and build the soil.



  2. RigglePLC

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    What kind of leaves? What kind of mower?
    I suggest keep the blades extra sharp.

    When I tried this a couple years ago--I cut the residue repeatedly--pushing the residue to the center. Then I shoveled the remains into the lawn waste dumpster with a snow shovel.

    Fertilizer may be helpful. For best decomposition, you want your carbon to nitrogen ratio about 30 to 1.
  3. Charles

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    I do that too Riggle. End up with piles of mulch. Shovel the mulch to the curb. By the middle of December, mulching alone doesn't do the job in some yards
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  4. dKoester

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    Some leaves break down quickly. Maples would be one of those. Oaks take considerably longer. It all has to do with the lignin that each species contains. The lignin in oak leaves gets broken down by fungi.
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  5. Point40acresandadeere

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    In my yard, I try to leave the maple, and linden trees, but I remove the oak, and ESPECIALLY sycamore leaves. Sycamore is like leather, big, thick, heavy & takes forever to break down.
  6. RigglePLC

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  7. Mr Efficiency

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    The thread name is supposed to start off with
    Test on my lawn,


    Test long my lawn,

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  8. Mr Efficiency

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    Thanks for posting that Great link RegglePLC.

    This stuck out in the article.
    " After several years of leaf mulching, the process may almost completely eliminate dandelions and crab grass"
  9. That Guy Gary

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    I've always mulched leaves in, this year I'm going to run an experiment on this patch of rye I just planted. I'm going to mulch a ton of leaves into one half and leave the other as is.

    I'm willing to bet the side I mulch the leaves into will green up faster in the Spring.

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  10. Mr Efficiency

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    Can't wait to see the results next spring.
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