Tested the new Shindaiwa EB8510

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Richard Martin, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Richard Martin

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    Hey folks, my buddy and I went to a dealer show Monday and both Stihl and Shindaiwa reps were there with their biggest, baddest blowers. If the physics law that says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction is true then the new Shindy super blower is a turd. We went up to the Shindy rep and asked about the 8510 and he gave the whole walkaround and told us it was the baddest blower on the planet. We asked if we could side by side the Shindy with the BR600 and the Shindy guy kinda winced but agreed to it. So I walked over to the Stihl guy and asked him about a side by side test with the Shindy and he was all about it. I do own a Stihl BR600 so I knew what to expect from it but my buddy doesn't. So my buddy straps on the Shindy and gives it a go. He walks around a little bit blowing this and that at full force and then takes the blower off. Then my buddy strapped on the BR600 and hit the throttle and the thing like to spun him around. He looked and me and said it wasn't even close. He said the Shihl easily outblows the Shindy. I was like "no way" and gave the Shindy a try and my buddy was right. The new Shindy blew more like a BR320 then the big bad blower it was supposed to be. Granted we didn't try them on leaves but unless there is something magical about the air on a Shindy it is in trouble.
  2. nitrotim

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    RIch, a friend of mine had gotten one when they first came out and what you said was my first impression compared to my eb630. We did a leaf cleanup a month after he got it and I strapped his blower on and aside from the extra weight it blew a lot harder then when he first purchased it. I have never used a stihl but blowing leaves out of shrubs and tight areas this thing was a monster. I just didn't like the extra weight compared to the 630rt so I will probably buy another one of those.
  3. Triple R

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    What size was the opening at the end of the pipe? A smaller tip at the end of the pipe will increase the mph which will feel like more power but will also decrease the cfm's. For blowing you want a high air volume so you can move leaves. Think about blowing at full throtle , say over 200 mph, and then a 10 mph wind comes in the oposite direction your 200mph is no match for the volume of air at 10mph.
  4. Lawnworks

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    As a br600 purchaser.... that sounds great!!

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    The end on the shindy is big like the opening on the redmax,didn't impress me.
  6. lawnboy dan

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    i assure you the redmax 8000 would impress you!
  7. Lawnworks

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    I assure you my two 7001s worn out after a year and a half are not very impressive!

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    We run 2 8000 and 2 7001 and 1 eb 630 the redmax wins hands down getcha some spring wet grass on concrete.
  9. Richard Martin

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    Yeah, it's too bad you have to go to Korea, Taiwan or Japan to buy one.
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