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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnprosteveo, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. lawnprosteveo

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    Tulsa recently went thru about the worst ice storm in state history. Early in the a.m. on Sunday the 9th my wife and I awoke to cracking and crashing branches...and the power going out.

    As morning came, we figured this was gonna be a long road without power...so we decided to pack up and head to my parents home. My truck and my wifes truck were both totally blocked in by large fallen limbs. I had to cut my way out...

    My Echo CS 340 (5 yrs old) had been sitting in the garage for months unused...it fired up on the 3rd pull and got the job done.

    The roads were so blocked with debris, I put the saw in the bed of the truck in case I needed to clear a road. It rained cold rain and ice on it all day.....I returned later that day to cut my wifes truck free. Again, it fired up easily after 2 - 3 pulls and got er done.

    Sorry so long, just thought Echo deserved a little praise!:weightlifter::usflag:
  2. TomberLawn

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    Sounds like a real winner there, lawnpro. I have Echo stuff and really love it.
  3. fritowrdo

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    This why I will always own a chainsaw!
  4. lawnprosteveo

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    from Tulsa
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    I think after this storm a record number of saws were sold....my dealer sold every unit he had after that....Now about every guy with a pickup and a saw is in the debris removal.
  5. topsites

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    never mind, post deleted

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