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testing on Meg-Mo's


We have had the MEG MO blades Tested to meet all the test that we need to . Mfg need to do some testing and this maybe why we have not got any OEM to try them yet. I do think MFG want to keep cost down and not the very best.


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Hey buy a set and see for your self. Some guys don't like them and some do. I do like them because I have mulched for years and they seem to do just as well as a mulch kit. I made a special cover to close the chute and if I need to bag, it comes off in seconds. Compare mulching to Exmark's kits, well the Meg-Mo's are just as good if not better in the mulching deptment.. The Meg-Mo's have a high lift blade and the blow out from under the deck is a little draw back but I learned to mow in a way to keep the debris out of the flower beds. As for the Northwest weather up here, this will be a good test for them because I have started the season with Meg-Mo blades and so far I have no complaints


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Sounds like Meg-mo had to many brewskies today.:drinkup:


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There is a difference between buying "standard" blades from one company or another and buying a totally different type of blade.

The reason for the question regarding "testing" is quite simple. If these blades have been "certified" by some testing company such as UL then the cost is justified, if not they are way overpriced. Certification is very expensive and would therefore be a ligitimate addition to the price. If they have no certification from a lab and the "testing" is from the experience of the manufacturer and from end users, which is very valuable and probably of more significance to us end users then they are quite simply overpriced. Even with a return policy which to my knowledge does not exist.


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Columbus, NE
I have a set on a Lesco mower. Here is some of my results that I posted last summer in a different thread.


MEG-MO Blades

"I think it's time I chime in here.

I have had a set of the meg-mo blades for a good part of the season and have used them on and off. I can tell you what my observations are.

The mower I use them on is a Lesco 36" walk behind, fixed deck. this deck has no baffles in the front like some. A lot of clearance there. I think that decks that have the baffles that curve around the blade path may respond differently to these blades.
For my comparison I have used mainly a double blade set up with gators on top and standard and/or high lifts on the bottom.

Installation and blade height: The cut hight on my mower is the same as with double blades. Same number of spacers between the spindle and the blade. If I use single blades I have to ad a spacer to get the same hight. The Meg-mo blades total thickness is almost the same as the TWO blades of my double blade combo.

HP usage: The first thing I noticed when I turned the blades on was that the engine seemed to lose a bit more RPM than with my doubles. A check of the tach confirmed it. I don't remember the exact numbers but The meg-mo blades were turning a couple hundred RPMs less.

Air flow: The next thing I notices was thats a ton of air moving out of that deck. the clippings fly a bit farther, but when it gets heavy they bunch up a bit more at the discharge also.

Clippings: The clippings don't seam quite as fine as with my double blades. in heavy or damp grass they tend to clump a bit more or clog in the bag.

Lift:? As others have mentioned the lift fins on the blades are almost straight up. they move a lot of air. BUT they move it out not up.?
I think the blades act like a Squirrel cage fan or blower. pulling air in from the center and blowing it out to the edge. Most mower blades bring air in from the bottom at the tips and move it up then out. like a radiator fan. What I have found is that even for all that air flow out of the deck these blades don't LIFT the grass as well - especially if damp or tall or thin. This may be due to the design of my deck and it might work better on a deck with a front baffle.

balance:? I haven't noticed any extra vibration or adverse effects from being unbalanced so I really can't answer this well.

Sharpening: I have been able to go longer between sharpening than with my other blades. but not 4X as long. after about twice as long they seem to lose their edge, but don't get that nasty bur on the bottom that my other blades get. I haven't had any "dings" show up in them yet.
They are easy to sharpen with an angle grinder and a vice.
I don't take the blades off of the disk to sharpen.

The first time I used them was in VERY tall heavy over grown grass. I would have had to go over it two or three times with double blades and thats what I had to do with the meg-mo blades. First pass discharging second pass bagging and then one more time in a couple places to bag or blow what was left. this was grass over the front wheels of the mower cutting down to 3". One thing was that in this very heavy grass the blades would fold back and leave an uncut strip down the middle. This is where the fixed blades are better. After a couple of these experiences, I put the blades away for a while. When growth slowed down I tried them again in more normal conditions, they worked as well or almost as well as my double blade set up. The finished cut isn't quite as nice in my opinion, due to the lift issue I mentioned and the clippings coming out a bit larger.
Conclusion: I will keep using them in rotation with my other blades and try to update you when I learn more. I am kind of looking forward to trying them on leaves - I think that they should turn any leaves to DUST.

Sorry for the long post. Just telling what I know.

this pic is after the first pass and after the last pass.
PaulJ has attached this image:

When I sharpened mine I did notice that they took a lot les time and work to get a sharp edge back. I probably could have gone a few more days without needing to sharpen them but I as going to be cutting some pretty thick grass and wanted newly sharpened blades on, so I switched. I use a vise and hand grinder to sharpen m blades and it's farly simple to do the meg-mos that way. I will probably be putting them back on tomorrow so I will let you know how they work next week.
An update. The meg -mo blades i am using are doing well. I usually change blades two or three times a week (25 yards per wk) I went almost two weeks with the meg-mos last time and they have been one a week now and will stay on for a few more days at least. they are holding there edge well this time of year. (maybe i am hitting less stuff???) I do still feel that even though they through A LOT of air they don't "lift" the grass as well as high lift blades. I think they pull the air through the center and through it out to the edge. This may be because my deck doesn't have the front baffles of some decks. Did a couple thick lawns today and they spread the clippings nicely, also bagged well. even this morning when there was a heavy dew."

Here is the pic that I mentioned.


Fareway Lawncare

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Hello, Paul , are you using the new design??

I just purchased 4 discs to be used primarily for discharging spring growth on Mr. Gamba's assertion that they work well in lush conditions.

We Shall See Mr. Gamba!

I am also hoping to reduce sharpening intervals on these mowers as well.


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Columbus, NE
I'm not sure what design differenc there is? I got these last april I think (4/2003). The discs have 4 large holes in them, not solid. the fins on the blades are almost 90 deg.up.

I would like to se the fins larger but with a lower angle- more like a fan and less like a blower.

They did work real well on leaves last fall the few times I used them.

I don't use the Lesco much any more and havn't decided if i want to try them on the Hustler yet.

Part of me just likes using double blades and being able to change the blade combo for different conditions and times of year.