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    Eventually we'll move to hanging unlicensed irrigators. this is just a start.

    Hey Jim I sent you a text for a question by Matt Hoskins
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    Hanging by swing pipe. They get to stand on cut-off nipples until the fold from the stress... then they drop. Good game.

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    Good idea but doesn't exist in Texas. Provided one even attempted to restrain a suspect's movements prior to the po-po being on site for a misdemeanor you have now committed a felony. Just get the license number of the vehicle and whatever description then call TCEQ.

    Personally I am glad the bill got passed and supposedly TCEQ is going to state fielding investigators checking for violations. Admittedly this is like looking for a kernel of poop under a load of diarrhea but something is better than nothing.

    An encouraging sign is the code enforcement people are becoming aware of the regulations concerning irrigation work. This last install the city where me and the guys were working the code people were quite vigilant. Didn't know too much about what they were looking at but at least they were looking.

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