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Texas Applicators License


LawnSite Member
Haslet, TX
I am trying to find someone in the TDA that has information on Commercial/Non-Commercial Pesticide applicator license requirements for organic lawn care businesses. I have received response akin to a cow looking at a new gate. Mostly they don't know. I am waiting on a call back from them but thought one of you might have some information on the subject. Obviously my program will be completely organic but I thought I saw somewhere that CGM which is purchased for the purpose of broadcast application in control of weeds, etc. might somehow be considered restricted use. SO that would mean going to the extension taking a class and then taking a test. This is fine but I just need to know what the deal is in Texas for an organic lawn care company with regard to a TDA applicators license.

Any help or info is greatly appreciated.


SXSW Services

LawnSite Member
Funny, i am looking up the same thing. If the Tx. Agri. Dept.'s description is "legally binding" in a sense, then their website says:
"Commercial applicator: operates a business or is employed by a business that applies restricted-use or state-limited-use pesticides to the property of another person for hire or compensation."

So, IF this is the complete case, THEN the use of products (organic or not) that are not resricted-use or state-limited-use pesticides would be legal. However, if you have not taken a commercial pesticide applicator's training course, I HIGHLY recommend it for your business practice.


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Dallas, TX
Guys I am licensed by both groups, and I have always understood that if you are charging someone for the control of either insects, disease or weeds then you need to be licensed. You do not need a license for the application of CGM if it is for fertilizer and you make no claims of its weed control properties.