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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by TuffWork, Nov 15, 2012.

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    I'm not sure if I put this where it needs to go, but I figured this would be more of a question towards business owners than solo guys. Thus, in Business Management is where I'm dropping it, but the mods can feel free to put it anywhere.

    I'm looking at getting my TCLP, and wondered where I would find study materials for it.

    Also, how do I prove that I have 4000 hrs. of industry experience. I have a bachelors degree in business entrepreneurship and an irrigation license. I graduated college last year (at the ripe age of 25), and decided to move from mowing some lawns to making this a legitimate business. So technically on paper I've only been in business for two seasons. So if you want to make an extremely conservative estimate we could say 40 weeks per season times 40 hours a week equals 1,600 hours per season equals 3,200 hours so far. However, I work way longer hours than 40 a week, but I don't log my own hours. Only employees hours. So how do I justify that to the TCLP board.

    And in general, what is the registration process like. Are there any major benefits I will enjoy by doing this other than being able to use it as a selling point and self edification?
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    I'm just gonna bump this once in the hopes that someone has some insight.
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    Study materials

    Call the TNLA and find out if your eligible to sit for the test. Also, ask about the pass rate and number of certified individuals. You will need 20 CEUs every 2 years so check for availability in your area. Check if irrigation CEUs will transfer.

    I doubt any of my clients know what a TCLP is but all are familiar with Licensed Irrigators and Certified Arborist. I think getting your TDA applicators license would be a better return on investment.

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