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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LawnLabDenton, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. LawnLabDenton

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    Been looking on the Agriculture site, can't find anything about the license needed for fert/pre post emergents.. Anyone have a link or any information?

  2. mpickel

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  3. LawnLabDenton

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    Well, I will be doing spot treatments with weed killer, but no mention of that in that paragraph.

    I want to eventually offer grub applications and tree/shrub protection so that is nice to know.

    ANything more specific on the application of weed killer? Or since it is only applied in spot treatments is a License not needed?
  4. mpickel

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    I'm not really sure on those. I had only applied fertilizer on a few of my customers lawns because they asked for it, but I don't offer it as a regular service. It may be better to give them a call and tell them what services you offer and what licenses you need. Sorry I couldn't be more help.:waving:
  5. Woody82986

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    A license is needed in Texas any time you apply anything with any type of herbicide or pesticide in it. So yes, if you spot spray with weed killer you will need to pass the TDA test and get license.
  6. Armadillolawncare

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    I just passed the required tests and tomorrow will submit my paperwork and fee for the license. You can apply fert without a license but anything else and you need to be licensed. That includes fert with pre emerge mixed in, round up, spot spraying any type of weed killer etc. To get more info about getting yourself licensed here is the link you need.
  7. LawnLabDenton

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    Are ya'll applying for a commercial applicators license? The one requiring 200k in insurance coverage? Who are you using for insurance?
  8. Busa_bill

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    I was coming online today to research this very thing. Interesting that you do not have to be licensed to apply fert. in Texas
    I don't like the weed-n-feeds anyway, so it sounds as if that is one less cert I have to worry about going after.

    Thanks for your post.
  9. Armadillolawncare

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    My general liability insurance covers me for spraying. I have a million in gen liability that is underwritten by Hartford. It is not real difficult to get liciensed thru the dept of Ag. If you licience thru the Structural Pest Control Board you need to apprentice before you can get a license. Thru the dept of Ag you do not need to apprentice. You will need to contact them for the three manuals you will be tested on. The general Applicators Manual, the oh heck hold on a sec let me go get them so I give you the correct titles.
    1. Texas Pesticide Applicator Training - General Manual
    2. Texas Dept of Ag Pesticide Laws and Regulations
    3. Using Pesticides - Ornamental and Turf Plant Control (This is a catagory test & costs $24)
    I studied the General Manual first then went and took the test. It is free to test and you can take it as many times as you need to to pass. I passed on first attempt with a 91%.
    Second I took the Laws and Regs test. For me this was the most difficult test because the book is written in legalise which can be difficult to understand. The test is also free and can also be taken as many times as needed to pass. I passed on first try with an 89%
    Finally I took the Ornamentals test. They call this a catagory test and it costs $24 so you want to pass on the first attempt. I passed with a 92%
    Some people come in and take all three tests in one sitting. My memory is to poor so I just took them one at a time. I would highly recomend taking a prep class from CTN Educational Services (www.ctnedu.com). It really assisted with the tests. I would never use them if I actually wanted to learn something but they did go thru and tell us what to highlight in each manual with the promise being that if you study the highlighted portions you will pass the tests which I did. Although the highlighted parts for the catagory test were not very accurate and if I had not studied the parts not highlighted I probably would not have passed. Finally after passing the tests you have to fill out a few forms and submit a check for $180.00 and provided everything is in order you will get your license mailed to you. I have done everything and am now awaiting my license to be mailed. Somewhere on the Dept of Ag website it says you need a floral license and certain levels of insurance to get your license. When I drove to Austin to submit my paperwork instead of mailing it in I asked if they wanted to see my license and proof of insurance but they said no. It is possible they were able to look up that I had the floral license but I don't know how they would now about my insurance. Welll that is the process. I am now just waiting for my license to arrive so I can go kill a pest legally.
  10. Lance L

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    whats a floral lic?

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