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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by George D, May 26, 2009.

  1. George D

    George D LawnSite Member
    from wylie
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    i would like to know the going rates
    for mowing starting @ mine start @ $25. and go up
    trimming trees/bushes bushes i get 10 a bush if i'm there(about a $1a foot)
    leaf clean ups

    i'm asking the above because of the in defense of idiots post.im not mowing yards on the side this is how i feed my family but i know my overhead is lower then the guy with a biger company so to trying not to be a "lowballer"

    i really want honest responces, please.
  2. hencutter

    hencutter LawnSite Member
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    I don't know how close to a large city you are,or if Wylie is a rural town,but in the S.E. corner of the state,your mowing price would be cheap. Of course,most lawns in my area are larger than "the burbs" . On hedges,shrub trimming,etc. we charge by the hour, but I would not think your price is far off.
  3. Toy2

    Toy2 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Around here the going rate is $25.00 to $35.00, the 35 yards have St. Aug, sprinklers.....nice yards, the 25 is the homes who just need a cut......but we also have a $20.00 company that gets the rest....

    Trees, bushes, $30.00 an hour...
  4. clipperslawnservice

    clipperslawnservice LawnSite Member
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    Welcome to the site George D. im next door in Cisco. dont cut yourself short.
    i wont unload my equipment for less than 30 bones, and thats for a small yard. i charge 40-50 for shrub and tree work depending on difficulty. there are people out there that will pay what you need to make a profit, just keep looking!!! my reidentials run 30 to 50 and comm. up to 70.00
  5. Disgruntled_Veteran

    Disgruntled_Veteran LawnSite Member
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    I'm in Fort Worth ..
    We do 25 buckaroos in my neighborhood but the grass lots are ridiculously small.. Outside my neighborhood I charge 35 for small yards and out in the burbs for the larger lots I do 50 to 70 depending on the size ..

    Bush and hedge trimming we are 35 an hour ...
  6. bohiaa

    bohiaa LawnSite Fanatic
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    hay Wiley:

    I was raised in Garland, still have several rent homes there in the area, sory cant give ya any business, however Wiley being like where I'm at now. your prices will be higher than most guys in the city, simply because your like I am NOW. we have no 1/4 acer lots. and the LCO's are NOT that many.

    Using larger equiptment due to the larger lots, our smallest account is 55.00 per week.
    I know that WIley has growen in the past 3 to 4 yrs. and you sould have a larger " Joe public" there now. wondering if your vertureing off into Garland ?

    the north part of Garland is NOT that bad and around 190 they have really been bulding out there. you should do Quite well.
  7. George D

    George D LawnSite Member
    from wylie
    Messages: 76

    yes,i have 2 accounts in garland around buckingham and Yale. i now have a used 36" X mark metro which is allot faster then cutting with my 21" mower but you cant beat a Honda with a sharp blade... i m o .

    i'm afraid the market round here has bin rapped by the Paco's/ side mower Jim,they will do an acre for $25 -35, it sucks!!!
    i don't understand the people around here. i say weekly or bi weekly they say weekly (but i want it every 10 days :confused:) i've lost 2 accounts this way

    i'm headed to pear land(Houston) to see some family and pick up a free 5x10 trailer

    thanks for the great responces guys and have a great day
  8. bohiaa

    bohiaa LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,220

    my mom lives at Kingsley and 1st, my sister in Rowlett, I have a rent house in Rowlett, there's another one in Garland, 2 in royce city. I would love to have a guy that could go and do these proptries however it would be a pita, to much travel, right now there is NO proptery managment going on there in the Garland area, more rent homes around Arlington. these have a managment person. o yea. picked up 2 appartment complexes in Arlington. and I think were hireing a jack of all trades man.
  9. George D

    George D LawnSite Member
    from wylie
    Messages: 76

    if you want shoot me a pm with addys i will check them out i still have 2 "open" days with not alot going on
  10. Serious Lawn

    Serious Lawn LawnSite Member
    Messages: 2

    if anyone wants yards done near galveston, the mainland, and as far up to League city let me know


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