Texas Roll Call

There is a FL forum section on here and I thought it would be nice to be able to talk with Texas members who deal with similar local issues. Chime in with some info about who you are, what your company does, your head count, and annual sales. I'm sure this thread will generate some useful info if we can get some decent participation.
Your close enough we'll let you in. We'll take pity on you :rolleyes:


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Spring, Texas
I'm in Houston, tx so count me in.
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I am in Katy TX, count me in......
Think we will get a freeze this year like the last two leading to a PVB crisis.
I go through your area every now and then when I go to Altex in Alvin. Jay used to be the primo source for for Meds. and Pindo's. His wife died and the drought and economy took a bite out of his business. He's also a bamboo guy as well but I rarely use bamboo.

Groundworks in Alvin has diversified into all sizes of Meds and Pindo's and may be my next source of palms if Jay doesn't have what I need. These places both have very good prices.
Hey guys, Frisco Texas (North Dallas) and I'm in also. Lookin forward to it.
Did your area ever have water restrictions last year? When I went to the TNLA Expo in August I was amazed at how perfectly green some of the places were in Dallas. We went to once a week in September and will go to every two weeks in the spring the way things are looking. At 100 F it's not going to matter if it's a 7 or 14 day watering cycle because all the lawns will turn brown.