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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by PlantscapeSolutions, Dec 24, 2011.

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    I go to Mortellaros, Peerless, and Aldridge every now and then. I think Aldridge and Peerless have gotten beaten up badly by the drought and economy. Peerless has new owners and it will be interesting to see if they can make a comeback.

    Your in a tough market when it comes to water restrictions. SA seems to have restrictions on a regular basis. Pulling the plug on building a large reservoir years back was not a smart decision by the voters who moth balled it.

    All that nice Zoysia from 2010 that was replaced in the medians in northwest SA is probably dead all over again. There must have been several miles of medians that were reworked after the 2009 drought.

    How have you managed to do in SA the last few years?
  2. PlantscapeSolutions

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    I was stationed at Fort Hood from 1993-1994. Fort Hood never sent me to LA but I went next door to MS to Camp Shelby. The National Guard filled up my Hummer with mogas. I would be scared as hell to deploy with any Guard unit. In Desert Storm the Guard guys stood out like a sore thumb.
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    I'm in Austin, TX. Add me to the roll
  4. FireFighterMowing

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    Im in! Surely there are enough of us to keep up with the gator state.
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    I'm pretty close, bout 20 miles from the Tx line
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    Paris, TX here, I am a new dealer, this is my 5th season in it. Was an lco before and mowed a lot of big properties like cemeteries, apartments, 5 acre plus country yards, and housing authorities. I started selling bad boys after buying one, liking it, then it fell off my trailer and the factory fixed it for me after seeing it happen online. I tried Dixon until huska buy out, now sell bbs, trying out hustler this year, but love what bb has. Got to see company grow with me over the past 4 seasons by leaps and bounds. I built a new shop in the middle of last season, very knowledgeable in most brands, and always willing to answer questions and help you guys out...
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    Anyone near Irving,TX? I may be heading up there for 5days at the end of November for an Arborist Climbing & Rigging class.
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    If we can get a decent handful of people subscribed I was even thinking about putting everyone in my email address book. We could hit reply all and BS back and forth off the radar of some of the folks on here who just don't understand the Texas ways.

    You try to talk about your hard working south of the border workforce and someone always want to chime in about how your stealing a job away from an American. Blah, blah, blah... Way too many people are totally ignorant and don't understand 99% of Americans don't want to pick crops, mow lawns in our heat, or do construction work. Their either bums or they have higher goals in life which is a good thing.
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    You guys are not going to believe this. As you know the laws have changed and it is supposed to be impossible to get a DL without proper papers in TX now. Well, my foremen who I thought was a few weeks from having an expired DL and no job has a new DL good until 2018.

    I can't give you the details of which DMV location did this but I would suggest if any Espanol foremen are still out there with a soon to expire DL they should head to podunk towns to try to renew. The country folk are not battle hardened like the city DMV people are.

    I lost a foremen last year to an expired DL and thought for sure I was going to lose this guy as well. My foremen is one lucky SOB. I still can't believe it. Now if I can only make it rain.
  10. BeeCreekLawns

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    I am in Spicewood. Count me in.

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