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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Mark Oomkes, Apr 11, 2019.

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    Actually TG management's response to customer's concerns about applications being made in the rain would be; "Rain? It's the best thing for it! The product needs to be watered in anyway."

    I have seen TG's standard RAIN comments on their Service receipts.
    Here is a sampling:
    "Today's rain will provide beneficial moisture to the application and will activate today's treatment."

    "Rain later will not reduce the effectiveness of today's application."

    "Today's rain will activate the application."
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    We all have to dance around showers when doing apps. Heavy or constant rain will shut me down because I want all the weeds to die after the app. I can get excellent weed control on warm days with a light drizzle or a shower an hour after the app on warm, humid days.
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    I would have to agree; Light rain, moderate showers, would most likely benefit the lawn application.
    I was making reference to the screen-shot of a Radar showing heavy rain on Post #74.
    As TG on the other hand, would do applications in heavy downpours.
    To that end, I've witnessed TG out spraying in 20+ mph winds!

    In order to hit their monthly bottom Line, TG almost never calls off a day's work because of bad weather.
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    Came across a TG meeting on YouTube this morning

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