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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ric, Jul 25, 2011.

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    The other day I ran into a TG/CL Truck driver, I won't call them a spray tech. Anyway the subject of pay scale and daily quota came up. The guy was proud of the fact he made a 15% commission on all up sells. But his base pay was $ 500 a week and he had to service 25 accounts a day.

    Now simple math says $ 500 a week is $ 100 a day. (Not sure if he works Saturday). $ 100 a day divided by 25 accounts means he is making $ 4.00 for each spray.

    This guy claimed to make close to $ 700 a week with his up sells. But given the fact he does 25 sprays a day, when would he have time to sell???? Seems like a lot of humping and hard work for such a medium wage scale. A few years ago the average worker was making $ 42 K a year. I am not sure what it is today, but I would hate to try and raise a family on that kind of money. Of course Mine are finished college and gone now so I don't have that huge expense any more.
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    How could they ever set a base of x amount of stops per day?
    Are all lawns the same small size down there in Gods waiting room?

    I thought it was based on dollar amounts per day, that's what it was when I worked there. ( Damn I hate to admit I worked there.)

    Kinda hard to make a living with those numbers.
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    ric i talked to one of the guys that works at the shop. he has a 1/4 acre lot with a house so the lawn cant be that big and he was paying TG under 25.00 per app. i laughed at him and said damn how can they make any money? he said his yard doesnt look any better then it did when he took care of it....
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    Spay boy

    I wouldn't admit working for TG/CL either if I had.

    Actually the Quota was $ 1250.00 a day but he said he had 25 stops at $ 50.00 each. He also said TG/CL didn't do any for under $ 50.00 which I also found out wasn't true when doing an estimate and the tire kicker showed me an invoice for $ 42.00 and ask if I could match it. Needless to say I didn't match it and he isn't my customer.


    $ 25.00 per application sounds like EBF, Iowa. But the quality of work sure sounds like corn pone also.
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    It's pretty easy to make up crap with no 1st-hand knowledge. I can spit as far as the next guy, but I prefer to get my facts in order "first hand". This whole post is bogus IMO....."I talked to so & so", "Does XXX for $$". Then I see posters continue to pick on hard-working applicators..............You guys need a life. This is my opinion. "Jealousy wreaks". Bad karma big time. Anybody running a successful business would not even think of downgrading competition. My 2 cents :usflag::canadaflag:
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    Agreed & Ric wouldn't know corn if it slapped him in the face.

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    larry how the hell can you say how much TG charges down here from way up there....

    maybe you've been chasing your cows all day with your mist blower. go back to doing that...its funny how you cry like a little ***** when ric post on your treads but here you are doing it on his.........
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    Getting my popcorn, this is gonna get

    A few weeks ago I was doing my paper work before I started my next property. A TG stopped directly in front of me. The tech approached me and asked if I was hiring. Yada yada, he had a quota of $1,000 to meet a day to receive any comission on his base salary of $500. He also told me he could bring his entire route with him. I believe there is a clause where I could run into some legal problems, I quickly dismissed the idea of hiring him.
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    look larry more hear say.........
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    For goodness sakes................These poor smoe's are paid to do these small routes--That is all these routes are worth for the erea. The more productive commissioned routes are for those that have earned their ranks with this company.
    I have a friend whom sprays for a competitor.........he sprays 25-30 lawns a day and works 5 days a week......makes about 600.00 plus commission on upsells too. IF he gets done early......he goes home early. All are done that day!! He chose his route because of hire rate reasons or personal reasons. Whichever it is..........he makes money......enough he feels is adequate and goes home at the end of the day and not worries about anything. Let me add..........these trucks are equipped with ride on Z's and motorized fertilizer spreaders. He isn't doing much physical labor here. The trucks are diesel.....stays running with the air on full tilt, and he is allowed breaks at his own discretion. However long it takes to do these lawns is how long he works.

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