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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tlg, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. tlg

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    We have just picked up a few TGCL customers thanks to TG's billing problems. It seems they can't seem to keep track of who has paid for what at this point. Our " new " customers tell me they sent their money to TG's main corporate office ( not the local branch like they used to do ) and somebody either did not post payments properly or they don't know where the checks went. Tru Green of course with their great customer service really irked these customers by threatening legal action on a 30 day old invoice. The two customers we just sold were with TGCL for over 10 years. These people were really mad. Mad enough to tell TGCL were to put their service. Mad enough to pay us considerably more than what they were paying TG just for the opportunity to do business with a company that wants to take care of their customers. Anybody else hear anything similar or get any calls?
  2. Shegardi

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    Have not heard that one, but good for us!
  3. vencops

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    One of my best customers cancelled with a similar co., a few months ago.

    About 10 days ago, the company applied lime to their property.

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    TG no longer has an office in our city. They send trucks from either Tulsa (125 miles) or Oklahoma City (100 miles). What a way to run a business. They are losing clients here because of that. Why use a company that doesn't have a local office or use local people. And besides that they have a bad reputation here.
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    Same here. They run the whole statefrom a branch in North Little Rock.

    I have a similar situation to tlg. We have picked up a half dozen of their lawns this year. The new clients have said that they were almost insisting upon prepayment. These folks didn't want to or did so reluctantly because of poor service in the past. (It's really hard to get them out there for repeated service calls for poor weed control when they already have money in hand.) Most were referrals to me by present customers because of talking about their disatisfaction in how TGCL operates with friends, family and neighbors. It sounds to me like they were very cash hungry this Spring. Just my observation. I'll take all I can get:drinkup:
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    This could be an attempt to scam their Customer into paying twice. Many Years ago I had a LCO/CPO sit in my Living room bragging how he billed 13 time a year for Year round monthly service. He simply billed ever 4 weeks instead of Monthly at 4.33 weeks. He claimed 80% paid and never questioned his bill.

    This same guy only cut every 10 days instead on weekly. That way he could charge less per month and make more per cut. The bottom line, He was working the system as best he could.

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