TGCL pay scale?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grenskpr, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. grenskpr

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    I've been approached by a trugreen guy who wants to leave them, and go to work for me, He's a good guy we're in a small area and I know his lawns, and he does quality work. Been with them at least 5 years and has grown tired of the corporate side surprise surprise! Told me last night that last year he earned $42,000. is he snowing me or could he have earned that much with them?
  2. vegomatic40

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    Sounds a tad inflated but I suppose anything is possible. Ask him what portion of his bonuses were connected to sales vs. service. A real production hound could make that if his route was extremely tight and had low customer cancel % with his properties priced properly. 33 to 38K is more likely. If he is anything like most of the tech.s I've known (some I've hired) they will take a somewhat lower salary gladly if they know they are going to work somewhere that trains them properly, treats them with respect with reasonable goals. Another sore-spot is Saturday work. Since they are all salaried-employees, Trugreen is famous for demanding that they work ridiculous hours even on Saturdays. 65-70 hrs/wk is not uncommon.
  3. Ric

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    My area is a year round market and TG/CL starts spray guys at about $ 8.50 an hour with a 5% bonus each day they bill a $ 1,000. Unless your guy is some kind of supervisor, I don't think he is making above the poverty level.
  4. Runner

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    What did he do for TG?
  5. grassguy_

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    Realistically he's either been a very heavy production guy and wokring the 60-70 hours/ week deal, or he's been doing sales with some substantial bonuses to beef his salary. Not sure the what your market there is like, but very few in the TGCL office here are pushing quite that high. Would be interesting to know more of what he done, could explain alot.
  6. grenskpr

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    He's a spray tech and is working the 60-70 hour weeks including the 60 mile one way to work that he has to do with the liquid apps. They let him keep the truck at his house during the summer and he can store two days worth of fert on the truck.
  7. grenskpr

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    just got thru with a quite leanthy interview with him he had the lowest cancellation rate and was doing 7 apps on 550 customers. I offered him .85 cents per 1000. I think he's going to take it i've got a pretty good work enviroment and treat the guys with respect. thanks for the input
  8. teeca

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    i started out at scotts and i was on salary for $550wk + 14% over my goal (whick was $950), had $1500 - $1800 worth of work per day, + a percent of route/branch/area/corporate retntion, + for every new sale or add on service we sold we got $20 bonus added to our check, and overtime. my route was so tight i would travel less then 15mi per day and i'd be in one neiborhood for 2 sometimes 3 days. some days i'd have to run back to the shop and reload because i couldn't get enough on the truck! 3 tech's got in a fist fight with each other over my route when i quit... guess i shouldn't have showed them my last 3months pay stubb.. i was brining home $1600 - $1800 bi-weekly, but winter was a drag at $550

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