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    I have a customer that I started mowing for last year and she now wants her lawn fertilized for this season. She did not realize that I was offering this service this year until I sent out my spring letters letting everyone know.

    Since she was unaware that I was offering this service she had called TGCL to get a quote. My price was $48 per app, 5 apps per year. TGCL came in at $39 per app for 5.

    After she found that I now offered this service she wanted to go with me because she had been very happy with my work in the past. I just spoke with her the other day about spring cleanup and she said that the TGCL rep has been calling her like every day pushing like a used car salesman. She said they started being very unprofessioanl and rude when she said that she had found someone else.

    She told me that every time they called their price went down. She said that they were willing to go all the way down to $25 per application:hammerhead::rolleyes: I just could not believe this. She's never been the type to bargain with me in the past so I don't think that she would say this to get me to come down. We've already agreed on $48.

    So come to find out TGCL can almost beat my prices by 1/2. No wonder I'm having trouble closing on my bids...

    Oh and I forgot to mention. I've went on like 5 estimates this season where the people have been very unhappy with TGCL yet most of homeowners are to stupid to switch over when they see that I cost more. People are CHEAP & DUMB! Needless to say, I'm getting very annoyed at this point.
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    This is what they do...You have to understand...They are not a lawn company...they are a marketing company. They have people - that that is all they do. They ave people that sit in cubicles and do the initial sales and appointments, they have people that knock on doors and do estimates,...and they have people that that is all they do, is call back near potential customers and canceled customers - always offering lower prices, all the while.
  3. phasthound

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    You're right, marketing is their business. It has to be because they do such a terrible job they have to replace 33% of their customers every year.

    Could you stay in business this way?
  4. redbuckcavs

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    On Thurs I gave estimates to two homeowners that were upset with TGCL service the past few years. The first homeowners lawn was 8000 sq ft and I quoted $48 That homeowner decided to switch over to us ( She tells me she was paying$58) The second homeowners lawn was 380000 sq.ft and I qouted $140 per app and she tells me thay TGCL was doing it for $58 --- I told her in a very way that "for that kind of a price you should just stay with them-or better yet watch them during the next app to see what is being applied"

    If I was a tech at TGCL and had to do a 3/4 acre lawn for $58 I think I would go back and tell the manager to do it himself!!!
  5. grassmasters lawn care

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    I had a lady call for a quote after they gave her 91 year old dad a price of $195 to aerate his 4000 sq-ft yard.That should be illegal.
  6. CHiP's

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    As a former tgcl lawn tech we all worked on commission. so when the sales people under sell a property to make their numbers, and they do this all the time, us techs get pissed and cut as many corners as we can to help our commission. that is why i left that corperate company. tgcl doesn't care about their customers and they never will. the words i could use to describe tgcl would not be good. every indipendant lawn care operation should bring this point to every potential customer they run an estimate for.
  7. Turfdoctor1

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    This is a great point. i have been running into the same thing. I never know what I am bidding against because sometimes they are ridiculously low, sometimes ridiculously high.

    i just wish i could send this link to about 7500 customers in my area!
  8. grassman177

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    tgcl is a joke here. only a few applicators give a crap the rest just send the business to me after bad applications cause the customer to be pissed rreally, they are great for my business. thanks corporate idiots!!!
  9. rcreech

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    TGCL keeps us from having to hire salesman! :laugh:
  10. humble1

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    Wow if you can do 380,000 sq f tfor $140 i will fly you up here, house you and sub you out! lol im sure you meant 38,000. Yeah its hard convincing customers what they are hiring us for is value of service the only see price

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