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  1. precisongreen32

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    What is thach and how does it build up? How to prevent it and remove it?
  2. saw man

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    Thatch I believe is alive AND dead particals of the lawn. I dont think you want to get rid of it all.

    You can use a dethatcher and remove some of the dead stuff.

    Im sure you will get a much better answer later!!
  3. mulcahy mowing

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    Thach is the build up of dead grass.
    you can remove it with a dethacher
    remember to Aerate your lawn each year to relive compaction and stop Thach from building up! it is best to dethach and aerate in the spring and fall when there is less heat stress on the lawn.Try to aerate in the fall this will keep weeds from seeding in your lawn.
  4. cklands

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    Contrary to popular belief "thatch" is not from dead grass and clippings. It is formed from excessive roots and stems in the lawn. A lot of times it is caused be over watering and a high nitrogen fertilizer. Both combined will cause the roots and stems to grow faster than the old ones can break down. It can be prevented with regular aerating in the fall and also dethatching. I personally do not like to dethatch or aerate in the spring because it will disturb the existing root system which will allow weed seeds to grow. I also do not like to disturb the roots going into the months of hot and dry weather.
  5. indyturf

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    to keep your thatch layer from becoming a problem I recommend Aeration, fall is the best time of year to aerate. you should aerate at least every other year. I would only use a dethatcher as a last resort IMHO they do more harm than good in most cases.

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