Thank God! Great new Resi contract today!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Pastures, May 29, 2003.

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    I was asked to do a bid on a big residential property (3 acres, not all grass) in a very upscale neighborhood. Average price on homes is $700K. I currently do not have any homes in this neighborhood, but I've been passing out fliers there twice a year for 3 years now. I've got some one time clean up jobs, some mulch jobs, and a few "will you cut for me while I'm on vacation?", but no contracted annual maintenance contracts. Those are what I'm after.

    I really had a hard time on the bid. I kept wanting to bid low to make sure I got the job, cuz there are 3 LCO's I've SEEN myself in that neighborhood, very competitive! Probably even more that I have not seen.

    I decided to take my own advice, ;) and bid it for what it would take for me to really make good money on the job. I figured if I got the job I'd be happy and if I didn't get it I would nor be losing anything.

    Well I bid at $472.00 per month for 12 consecutive months. This includes mow, edge, trim and blow every week (max 40 cuts here in Virginia), all fertilizing-6 apps, trim all shrubs as needed, weed control in grass and beds, aerate and over seed in fall, and leaf cleanup in the fall (HUGE job, lot's of trees)

    I did not include lime, which it will need yearly if it's anything like all my other accounts. I also left off mulching. I did the mulch for them last spring and it was 50 yards! I got $3080.00 for that, you do the math!!!

    This is a great price for me, but they will be getting PREMIUM lawn care.

    I'm very happy. This is a big boost for my budget, almost $500 more in income every month, year round.

    Don't ever bid a job low just to get it. Bid what it's worth to you and stick to your guns.

    God bless you guy's.
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    sweet getting blessed is sweet :cool:
  3. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    Good job, man.

    I landed a great one today too! This guy called me using a door hanger we passed out two months ago & said the gal that has been cutting his lawn last year quit showing up, never called him & never sent him a letter. Nice man, too.

    I'm doing 30 yards of mulch for him (he's paying 50% of that up front), installing gravel driveway, and doing weekly cuts. He told me right off the bat, "she was charging me $35 to mow." I told him up front that I am more expensive and my rate would be $45, but also added that he would never have to worry about me not showing up.

    The gal cutting his property before was definitely underbid at $35 and I suspect that's why she just started no-showing. Very unprofessional way to handle it on her part though.

    Like you said, stick by your guns.

    Sweet account for me


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