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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Dennis Davis, Jun 17, 2011.

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    I purchased a MM1000 about 6 weeks ago from a secondary vendor. I found that to be such an excellent tool that I ordered and received my MM8000 from Magna-Matic about 3 weeks ago. I felt confident when sharpening the straight blades, but my first attempt at sharpening a mulching blade made me uncomfortable from the start. I made only 2 passes and then decided to shut things down and give Gerd a call to discuss my technique, or lack thereof. What a fine gentleman! He first went through Mulching Blade Sharpening 101with me, and I immediately knew what I was doing wrong. He had me review the on-line video and gave further hints on getting a proper edge on the mulching blade. With my confidence renewed, I went back to the garage and, following his excellent instruction, had that blade properly sharpened in a matter of minutes. Thank you very much for your service, instruction, and an excellent product.

    Since then, I informed a friend that if his blades were properly sharpened and balanced, he would see a difference in the appearance of his lawn and any vibration in his riding mower should be reduced in the process. He raised an eyebrow as if to say, "Yeah, sure" but ended up bringing me his blades. They were really dull and out of balance. He had been using the old hand grinder to dress them up. I sharpened and balanced both blades and he remounted them on the mower. He said that the vibration is gone, the mower cuts better than it ever has, and the lawn looks greener. I drove by his place the other night and sure enough, the lawn looks crisper and has a more even cut.

    His neighbor asked him what he is doing different because of the improved appearance. He informed him about my service and I'll be getting a new customer because of that "curb appeal." That gentleman did say that he's never had his riding mower sharpened since he's owned it. I can hardly wait to sharpen his blades.
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    Hello Dennis,

    Thank you for the kind words, we take great pride in our products and customer service.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.
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    A few tips & comments about pro-sharpening:

    Blades that have never been sharpened can be a real challenge. I usually find they are old and very neglected. Here's what you may encounter:

    Flatness may be off, so check carefully. You may need additional adapters for the different blade styles you'll encounter.

    Metal may have fissures or cracks.

    Metal may be thin. Look for debris tracks along the base of the lift wings. If the geographical area you service has gritty soil, this wear can be intense. If the outer end(s) have become too thin - scrap them.

    The cutting edge is probably so rounded, it's a full radius. To restore this edge will require a lot of time and wear on your grinding wheels trying to change the cutting edge from a full radius back to a 30 degree bevel. Here's how you can cheat - back grind the bottom (think knife edge versus bevel.) This is not a very acceptable practice but it will get an edge back. Two more sharpenings and this back grinding is gone. You have extended the blade life as well as the life of your wheel. Explain this option to your customer. If unacceptable, they can go elsewhere as the reduction in wheel life and your time spent is not worth the income.

    Rust and debris. Expect a lot of "pickled" rust (the bumpy, pock marked type). If the customer expects clean, shiny blades explain it can't happen due to their neglect in leaving vegetation on the blade(s).

    Expect the balance to be off. Usually WAY, WAY off.

    Oh, and here's the part I love most ...

    I've had customers who view my web site and notice we use cleaning equipment. SO they bring us their smelly blades that just ran over massive mounds of dog poop. If they don't pass the sniff test, they don't get processed in my shop!! These are almost always wrapped in plastic bags, and when you open them you know what's gone on. I don't even remove them, just hand them back. Most of these customers ultimately come back with the blades washed off. And those that got them handed back never bring them back smelly. A few never return, and that's A-OK with me!!

    For those first time customers, I'm willing to spend extra time restoring a blade as this almost always translates into a repeat customer. I do make sure if they repeat the neglect, the level of service may not be the same. Most understand.
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    Thank you for the hints and suggestions. I did order, and received, a set of blade adapters from Magna-Matic. Now I'll be ready when I receive a blade that needs one. I'm wondering how to get the word out to potential customers. I'm not in the lawn equipment trade, I just work out of my home garage. I'm retired and thought this might be a good way to keep me from driving the wife nuts. Initially I bought the equipment just to maintain my own mowers so I'd have an "edge" on my neighbors as far as looks and appearance of my lawns.

    Thanks for any and all comments.
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    Hello Dennis,

    Local community newspapers/bulletin are a great way to get to local customers depending on the size of your community. You can talk to hardware stores that may not offer sharpening - and offer it through them with a % for them being the pick-up drop-off point. Look for landscapers in your area - they will be a great source of repeat business.

    I hope some of the ideas help you get started.
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    Keeping my personal mower blades sharp with my Magna-Matic 8000 has sure made a difference in the appearance of my lawn. I find myself plucking a few blades of grass at friends and neighbors homes to see if they are frayed and torn from a dull blade. I also followed the instructions on Lawnsite for making a striper for the lawn. Works quite well, even if I do say so myself. Thanks to all who contribute their knowledge and expertise on these various forums.


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