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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by southerngent, Feb 11, 2003.

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    My new Dixie Chopper 42 in. was bought with the intention of getting through the gates. it didn't come with an OCDC, but my dealer said he could order me a mulching plate. Well, a few weeks later, the dealer calls and sayt that a mulching plate was not made for that model (LX2001) , but DC was going to manufacture one for ME, wow! Two weeks went by....I e-mailed DC about my situation. Two days later, I recieved a call from my deales saying ,Dixie Chopper couldn't make me a plate, but were send me a complete OCDC, free!!! My dealer is charging $25 to install it.
    I just wanted to post a THANK YOU to Dixie Chopper for the timely , and goodwill, gesture they have extended me. Also my dealer gets kudos and all the business I can give him.
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    That is what it is all about - Dealer and Company Support - Way to go Dixie - I run JD, and have good support too. [​IMG]

    dixie flexed up - best.jpg

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