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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by crazygator, Jul 7, 2001.

  1. crazygator

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    Being new to this great forum, i just wanted to go on record to thank Eric for his great contribution he makes. Not only does he reply in a professional manner, his advice is timely, and truly words of wisdom! He has answered my questions and email's and has impressed me with a wealth of knowledge that many of us could not have ever attained. So thank you Eric for enriching my knowledge and my desire to be the best lawn care professional possible. If you ever get to Nashville, TN you must stop in for a cool drink and some conversation! Oh yea, you can bring me one of those Dixie Choppers too, LOL!
  2. Eric ELM

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    You are quite welcome. I feel everyone that posts here deserves just as much of a thankyou. With out all of us members, Lawnsite wouldn't be what it is today. Give yourselves all a pat on the back. ;)

    Chuck Keough is the one that deserves the biggest thanks. He is the one that put this all together. All I do is try to help him keep it going smoothly. :)
  3. cos

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    And you do a good job at that, Eric!!!!!
  4. crazygator

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    Many thanks to you too Chuck!!!:p

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