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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mac43rn, Dec 20, 2001.

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    Well today I had the opportunity to test drive the new gravely 2002 wb's. First of all let me just say, the gravely customer service is second to nobody. I have heard great things from exmark (probably deservingly so), but gravely takes the cake. I have a local exmark dealer in evansville, IN. They currently have a exmark tthp 36". I asked them if I could demo it and I was told no. Well let me rephrase, I was told you can run it on your lawn, but you can't start the blades.????? Doesn't make too much sense to me. Kind of like going to buy a new car and they say you can sit in the car with the car running but you can't take it on the road. Anyway, The dealer is in Hendeson, KY, just over the bridge. He has been very helpful and is also very knowledgeable regarding gravely's and other brands of wb's. I received a call last week from a gentleman by the name of Ron Zinser. He is the midwest sales rep and one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He drove over to St. Louis, MO to pick up the two prototypes and made a "special" trip to Henderson, KY just so I could test them out. I too am in sales and I can appreciate the effort!! From my dealings with Barry, Ron and my local dealer I don't think I can go wrong. Now for the review. The new 2002 can be described in one word, "muscle." Everything about them is strong. I will be using this for my lawn and when I help my brother cut commercially. I decided to go with the 36" 15hp v-twin kaw, double blade kit, mulching kit, hour meter (optional), and striping kit.:D I was allowed to drive this aroud the parking lot and take it across the street to cut grass (yes the grass is still growing here, although rather slow). This thing stipes very nice, and with the proslide I ordered today from novacorp ($275 plus shipping), this will stipe with the best of them. I am just a little giddy now. Will probalby be up all night thinking about it. By the way I received the new 2002 literature and was also given a new gravely swiss army knife from the sales rep. Gravely gets an a+ in my book.

    If you are wandering how I got the proslide so cheap?? I purchased the pro slide direct and it is a scratch special. Still have the manufactures warranty, just slight paint (cosmetic) issues.

    Take care and happy holidays.
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    I have bought 3 260Z machines and they have been all in all great and are aging well. The layout of the machine makes maintenance and repairs very easy.

    Considering cost and efficiency of operation and the very well placed controls, I will keep buying 260Z machines.

    The "new" 260Z is shorter and stouter in the rear. A nice evolution of an already great machine.

    The only other mowers I have owned have been Green and Yellow and they have been JUNK compared to my Gravely machines.

    The only thing good about John Deere is the parts ordering system, John Deere out-of-stock parts are shipped much faster.

  3. Many dealers wont let you do that because they have to discount the sale price of a mower. It just became a demo. For tax reasons or may be others, they are only aloud 2 demo mowers per a year. That's with my dealer. Some dealers may be less, some may be more.

    BTW Barry and the others are great guys. And Gravley has come a long way in this indusrty.

    Chulk another one up for LawnSite.
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    I own several older Gravely's and they are about as tough as nails.I know the older models are very low tech, but guys they will boldly go into brush where no other mower would survive.There is a cult of Gravely owners out there who will support fellow owners and walk them any problems that come up. Glad you're happy with your mower check out the Gravely club on Yahoo.
  5. Lech615

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    So Mac, What did it cost you for the total package?:confused:
  6. Eng Mwr Guy

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    Swiss Army knife......I need one of those, I will have to talk to Ron...LOL.

    LGF is correct. Most dealers are reluctant to demo due to the cost of not selling it to the original demo requestor.

    Unfortunately, this may occur with some of our dealers the same as the other respectable mower equipment companies.

    Since I am actively involved in this site and I still have received more from it than I have given I have no problem making special arrangements for all of you to demo the machines you helped design.

    I have some control or at least heavy influence of the design and marketing of Commercial walks, Ariens mowers, 2-wheel Gravely and string trimmers. I can probably, with the help of great guys like Ron Zinser, arrange demos for anyone on this forum.

    Thank you for your opinions and your order. My goal is to make you so happy you would consider getting a Gravely tattoo;)

    Gravely/Ariens Guy
  7. mac43rn

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    1536 gravely-2599.00
    mulch kit - 107 (includes blades)
    double blade kit - 45.00
    striping kit - 45.00
    hour meter - 27.00

    pro slide 275.00

  8. Grass_Slayer

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    THE OLD GRAVELYS ARE TOUGHER THAN NAILS. Mine is a 1970 model that my grandfather bought new. He bought it with a ten horse kohler and wore it out in three years. They then replaced that with a 12 horse kohler which is still running strong. It needs a little valve work and some clutch work but other than that it still runs great. They arent that great for finishing mowers but it will go through brush like its not there. My dad has run over concrete blocks with it on accident and it just chews them up. If it will push something over it will cut it down. I love it!!
  9. Tony Harrell

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    I'm starting my own business this spring so I'm new to this. I'm 43 and used Gravely mowers back in the 70's (summer job). I checked out all the local stuff and then drove to King, NC to the Gravely dealer. WOW! These machines are quite impressive. I'm going over the literature and wondering if the blades are all they say? Also, anyone have suggestions on startup?
  10. Eng Mwr Guy

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    The blades themselves are nothing too special.

    The double blade kit, however, is a helpful tool in making your business more productive throughout the cutting season. I would suggest doing a search on double blades and then try them for yourself.

    You may want to do a search on the word "startup" or "beginner" or "pricing". All of these will give you information and allow you to ask questions that may not have been asked before.

    If there is anything I can do for you let me know. e-mail me if you have any questions.

    Ariens/Gravely Guy

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