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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Ecoscape01, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Prestige-Lawncare

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    Here's something I think most guys will agree with ...

    Ford, Chevy, Dodge ... whatever ... we all love our trucks! I've had both Ford and Chevy, and I have loved them both. My son-in-law now has my '97 Chevy that I sold him when I got my '05 Ford F-350. The day I bought my Ford I thought really hard on the way home ... "I hope I'm not making a mistake". I L-O-V-E-D my Chevy. It is a Black, 4x4, extended cab ... and the kids called it "Old Blackie" (and they still do today when they see it). Of course ... now I love my Powerstroke!

    When I was younger, it seemed that I always had to have a new car every couple of years ... but with the trucks (I've owned 5 over my lifetime) ... you find one you like and you feel like you want to keep it forever!

    Good luck with your Ford F-150. You'll always remember this truck.

    Men ... we love our trucks!
  2. LindblomRJ

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    That engine and transmission setup is pretty good. It should serve you well.
  3. Watwood

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    Good truck. My buddy has a 89 Bronco 302, 5spd. Change the oil and front and rear diff fluids (and if an additive needs to be put in for a limited slip do that) but I would just play the auto. trans by ear. I thought my S-10's (93 S-10 4.3 TBI Auto.) auto. was gonna go 2 years ago because third gear kinda shimmies, I dropped the trans oil pan, changed the filter and put in lucas trans. stuff and it still shifts like a champ today. Heck the truck even ran a 10.5 @ 65 mph in the 1/8th one night at the drag strip with a 2.2 60' time... :laugh: Beat a civic and a eclipse in the process.
  4. CoreyD

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    im a jeep fan.... comanche's arnt heavy duty but i like em.... the inline 6 motors last for ever.... i want a comanche next after this cherokee.... my cherokee pulls heavy stuff just fine..... comanche's are just very hard to find :\

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    My old boss had 2 '89 F-150's that kicked butt for many years...they always ran better than the newer trucks. It's hard to go wrong for $1,500 unless it dies next week.
  6. bigmudder77

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    i am a dodge guy when it comes to a light work truck a ford guy when it comes to big dump trucks and not really a chevy guy for any thing (to many problims cost to much money to fix) i have a dodge 1500 its a good working truck for mid to light duty work i never had any problims with it. now ford i really like there dump trucks and there small rangers some of them. but i use to like chevy but after we had to replace the transmission and the engine in ours with only 120,000 that was a big pos to me. and i had a s-10 with 74,000 blew a rod and the engine was more than the truck was worth so no more chevys unless there free. but the ford you got should hold up pretty well. i am defently gonna buy another dodge or ford down the road but never again will i pay for a chevy.

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