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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turtle II, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Turtle II

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    Hello to Everyone,

    I use to come here and read all the time back in 2002 / 2003...

    I have been finished working for uncle sam for over a year now and am just starting my second full year in the biz... What a difference a year makes too...

    I imagine I could work my way up into the big levels and be one of the trucks you see at a wal-mart shopping center or something - - - but for right now I am enjoying the "solo - operator" gig and man it is amazing some days...

    I have got some sweet properties - - - and getting them all lined up in an order with a schedule that both you and the client has works wonders for customer / client communication...

    And all those things in the beginners thread started by the great Mr. Eric Elm,,,, for beginners about "slime'in" your tires,, spare parts in the trailer, bee spray, advertising, maintenance, on & on & on,,,,,,,baby powder in your shorts to prevent leg chaffing, lol, and all kind of little nifty info that really makes this job great...

    Sometimes when I'm out mowing I think about Mr. Elm and all the old timers on here and people who work for a living , etc.

    I just wanted to write this thread and say THANK-YOU for all the great knowledge and information everyone has shared on here...

    And I should not finish with out commending ETW man - - -
    What a dream of a business you have built Sir,,,

    Those old pen-ski trucks you converted - - - - DAMN - - - that is such a sweet job not to mention the "estate-level" top shelf work you create...

    I have gained a great deal of knowledge from you and many others here...

    That is just amazing Jerod,,,and thank you and Major Tom and Ground Control and the old due in St Louis and all the top level people who still come here and share....

    I hope everyone will have a great and safe year this season...

    2008 will be great - - - -and all that corny stuff - - - lol

    Take care and stay safe

    Turtle II:cool:
    Eastern, NC


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  2. Toad

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    Welcome back. Good post. So does that mean you are retired or you have had enough of the workin for someone else syndrome.

    Either way, have fun with it. Its nice to be happy when you work
    PS Stick with the solo op. Just my 2 c
  3. Turtle II

    Turtle II LawnSite Member
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    TOAD - - -

    LOL,,, That's pretty funny that a Toad and a Turtle would respond together...I do remember seeing you in threads back in the day too...

    Speaking of that - - - This web - site is HUGE now...Just back in 2002 this was like coming to a one room school house - - - now it looks like a major college with thousands upon thousands here......

    You know something else - - - your 2 cents is sounding like a million bucks as far as Solo vs. employee's and all the head-aches that come with getting big.

    Sure a solo guy isn't gonna get the big accounts but - - - its all beer money in the big scheme of things and I am happy...

    Hope everyone is having a good start to their season - - - it started in March here with the new day light savings time...


    Turtle II:cool:
    Eastern, NC
  4. Welcome back Honu (Hawaiian for Turtle!)

    Yah, I learned how to cut grass with all of Erics posts! Although I could hardly apply his pointers on 'Dixies and doubles' to the Hawaiian turfgrass scene. Alot of our 'show lawns' would require intense care with front throw 7 blade reel mowers.

    Really, I had no idea of some of the things that one can do to improve the quality of the cut. He had lots to share!

    That is why the new ones should do the search.

    Can we hear an honorable mention for 'Kutnkru', 'Two Toros', 'Powereel', 'Stone', 'Runner'. Too many to mention.

    Lately I have been lurking on the irrigation forum for some real laughs. Those guys really know their stuff, and the pics posted provide lots of training/laughs.

    I wish all the best Turtle!

    Aloha, P.Y.S.
  5. Turtle II

    Turtle II LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for your kinds words - that is good advice about "branching out" into other avenues of the green industry... and moving on-ward and up-ward... It does'nt take long to figure it out and the money is out there.......I can relate on the "lingering" mode too...LOL

    You're so right too about way to many of the "old-school" guys to even mention them all,,,

    Well - - - I am done,,,don't want to bog out a thread - - - and my goodness - - - threads come and go quick now - - - I just cant believe the change here in 6 years,,,,

    "Do what you say you will and the world is yours" as someone once said here...

    Enjoy the weekend,,,

    Turtle II:cool:
    Eastern NC
  6. Toad

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    Had to LOL when I read the first line in this post. Hey maybe we wont get there first but we'll do a great job when we get there.

    Yes it has grown to unbelievable size. Everone that does a search on a commercial mower is going to find this site ya know.

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