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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Efficiency, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Efficiency

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    A bit of background - we have 3 riding aerators. 1 LT Rich, 1 lawn solutions, and now 1 exmark.

    I just wanted to publicly say thanks to Exmark for redesigning the belt changing procedure. Since they are only making their belts to last 23 hours, its really nice that with their unit (compared to the lawn solutions) its a 10 minute procedure with a ratchet strap and 3 hands. I guess 10 minutes every 23 hours beats 2 hours every 200 hrs on the lawn solutions?? :confused:

  2. WestGaPineStraw

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    That's cool. Weird on the belt life? I got 200+ hours on our zplug before it shredded.

    Not sure about exmark aerator, looks like all it can do is aerate. Can you attach a hopper to it?
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  3. americanlawn

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    Nothing like experts in the field who actually use equipment on a daily basis. :)

    We run several TURFCO T3000's on a daily basis. This spring -- we replaced all belts with Kevlar belts. No belts have failed all year, and we still have 3 weeks left. We swear by Kevlar belts & our T3000's, cuz they last.

    Before purchasing our Exmark 30 stand-on aerator 2 months ago... I asked if it had a Kevlar belt. Dealer said, "Yes, it's Kevlar". But after looking underneath, I knew better. That right there threw trust out the window.

    On the other hand, I think Exmark dealers are "in the dark" regarding the 30" aerator. Even the owners manual sucks terribly bad. No schematics or part numbers whatsoever. Completely the opposite of our favorite manufacturer. (you all know who it is)

    40 hours on our Exmark = FIVE DAYS downtime. Got charged over $100. Warranty??? 120 miles driving to and forth with a gas guzzler. Plus salary expense. Now we're stuck with unfinished aerations due to leaf cover & rain.
  4. Efficiency

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    from zone 6
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    I hung up the phone when the dealer called me back talking down to me as im in the middle of doing a field repair on this unit. Why even offer a warranty if we have to wrench on these ourselves ultimately?
    Larry, you have to admit those were the best 40 hours you have aerated though. We got an xt5 this fall for a new wb and while you say it pulls the best plugs, I think its plugs suck.
  5. GW Andy

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    Efficiency, You must have gotten a bad one, I got 40 hours on the warranty belt that my dealer put on after they changed the bracket that holds the pulley's because the pulley's were not in the same plain. Don't put on the cog belt. Use a solid belt with Kevlar.
  6. ted putnam

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  7. Service 1st Lawn Care

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    Have a 2009 Z-Spray have yet to replace belt, over 1300 hours. I guess a quality machine matters.:)

    I know these Toro/Exmark ride-ons are suppose to be the same but you Exmark guys seem to be having more problems, My Toro has over 40hrs. and have not had any problems. Hmmm
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  8. ted putnam

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    Hey, keep us posted on how many hrs you run it before you have to change belts...and is it more difficult than the 10 minutes to change that the Exmark is. I don't do enough aerations to justify a ride on aerator yet, but when I do, I want the best...
  9. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    How do the XT5 plugs 'suck'? Too short? Plug count too few?
    Remember you cant compare a rolling aerator like this machine to a reciprocating one like a plugr, plug count will always be higher with a plugr type.
  10. Efficiency

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    When was yours produced? From what I can tell ours was built in march 2013. We will just keep a spare set of belts from napa on that machines truck from now on.

    Whats sad is we have ran exmarks for 8 years exclusively and spent 40k this year alone. When we need a machine, we call our exmark dealer and tell him what we need no haggle, brand shopping, etc. Ive never been more disappointed in the quality of our new machines. This will be my last time buying exmarks im affraid.
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