• PPP The Second Time Around
    The Emergency Coronavirus Relief Act of 2020 passed in December contained $284 billion for the renewed Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Click here to read the article.

Thanks for the great advice.


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Hello everyone, I have been reading your posts and I must say thank you for all the advise you are willing to share. I will be adding a full time landscape division to my handyman business this year. I have a 2001 f-150 and a 2001 7x12 single axel trailer. My mowers I picked up this off season are a 2002 bob-cat ztr with a 61" deck and bagging system, a 60" scag walk behind I bought that needed a new needle for the carb. I also bought a 36" Bunton walk behind that would not shift gears. All that was wrong with the mower was the shifter lever was stuck at the trans. I heated it up with a welder and it came loose. I am not going to tell tales so as it stands now I have no mowing contracts. I do however have 2 big landscape design and installs scheduled, and 2 spring cleanings. I also have a full landscape maintaince contract for the year except mowing. They do that themselves. I will also be taking my core, cat 6, and cat 7, tests in a few weeks. This way I will be legal to spray and fertilize. Advertising will start for me by March 1st. Thanks for reading my long post, and good luck to all, and please stay positive. It's truly the only way to happiness.