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I was doing a spring cleanup this a.m. and as i was working alone and happily, the old lady comes out to talk with me. She begins to question my prices for a spring cleanup ($25 per hour) saying she thinks i am overcharging her. I said oh well those are my prices you agreed upon yesterday let me work". She gets all pissy because she found out that i was doing a job down the road from her at a different rate. Little does she know it is a friend of the family. After she gets pissed and walks inside about 10 minutes pass and she comes back out. "You are raking wrong" she shouts. She then proceeds to give me a 20 minute lecture about the proper way to rake her lawn. I said ok, and went back to work

Do you ever have customers sharing their prices with each other?

I am glad i was getting paid by the hour.



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seriously...go with the $1/ minute has made all the difference for me...takes me 25min to mow your yard $25 please, takes me hour and a half $90 please...i've had great luck with this this year

i used to always quote based on ft2 and eyeballing, this method has saved me from myself.

in my mind it comes down to this, Am i a professional or not...answer...yes

therefore i charge accordingly

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I wish I could get $1 per minute .... last year would have been over $500K with 4 guys .... heck as a solo that would be over $100K for one guy

Charge what YOU need to cover all your cost n grow your business .... if $25 is what you need ..... than that's good .... I'd say more in the $35 per hour is better but your cost are much less than most

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I felt i was covering my costs, but what i get a lot of is, because i am 18 years old people think i am not a professional, and want to pay me like johny from down the street.

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i had that trouble when i was younger, you need to sit down and analyze all your costs really hard including insurance, overhead etc. then you need to decide what you need to get to make a good living. its typically different for each guy, but i can tell ya you should be getting way more than $25/hr. dont sell yourself short.


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$25 entirely too cheap.take a little advice from someone who made the mistake of working too cheap. this is year #9 for me. i have no customers left from years 1 thru 5. i started , unknowingly, very cheap. when i started to get serious, and realized i needed to charge alot more, i lost all my customers. since you are just starting out, make these first customers the beginning of your permenant customer base. build on these first customers, do the work properly, and charge properly, right from the start, and you will reach your goal much faster.


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First lesson, Never charge by the hour. Only charge by the job. I is no business of the client how long it takes you.


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