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Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by rwaters, Mar 9, 2010.

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    I wanted to say thinks for the sample of fluid film, I gave it to my customer that was having discharge problems. He was really happy that I tried to find him a solution and happy that I found one that was so sure it would work they gave him a free sample. I have never had a customer so happy to come in my shop before. He even spent $70 on accessories while he was here*lol* I have ordered more for my shelves and honestly if every customer I tell about fluid film spends as much as he does while he here here getting it, I will not have a better product on the shelf:):cool2:
  2. rwaters

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    also on a side note I have already bought myself a can, I had it out when a rep was in my shop. We were sliding a bearing on a shaft... he went to hand me the deep creep and thought it was funny when I asked for the fluid film and went to tell him I have started using deep creep for starting fluid as this works better....

    this is sad since I had never used fluid film for this a few weeks ago.... you guys are a bad influence.

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    We call it liquid crack!'re hooked now!:laugh:

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    we take lotsa pride in what we do:cool2:
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    Congratulations on your discovery. Now we've got you right where we want you. :laugh:

    Seriously, there is a reason why we ship out the samples for free. The product works, period. :)
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    woohoo!!! we got another person that's hooked. yippee!!! Have you joined our fan page, yet?
    if not, go to

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