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Bob H

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Thanks for all the info on the Lazer Z and What to look out for with a Kohler engine.I took the plung and bought a 25 HP Lazer with the 60 inch deck.Hope all the defects are ironed out with the Kohler engine by now.Keeping my fingers X.Love it so far.

John DiMartino

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Bob,good luck with the new Exmark.I have a 25 command built last year and it popped a gasket 2 weeks ago,yesterday I went back to get a part for my tractor and they were doing headgaskets on a machine that only had 40 hrs on it and engine was built in march,2000.I think that none of the weak areas have been addressed and Kohler could care less,if they did they would focus all their engineers on fixing it or stop production of them until they could provide a true commercial engine that didnt need to be opened up before breakin is complete.The part about the kohler I dont like is when it blows the gasket it pushes it into the pushrod passage,and into the sump eventually,where it contaminates the oil and by the time you realize its blown its too late.It would be like taking a 1/4 of a new headgasket,chopping it up and dropping it in the oil fill hole,that is no good for your engine,and even if it doesnt ruin it now,it will shorten its useful life without question.Kohler denies this of course,but goes on to say in its owners manual how important it is to keep the dipstick tube clean to keep out contamination.Duh,why cant they design the engine so that the headgaskets stay out of the oil.I hope your is better than mine,if it blows you will feel like it lost about 5hp,if this happens take it back immediately,the sooner its noticed the sooner they can get that oil out of there with a burnt chunk of your headgasket in it.<p>----------<br>John D<br>


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I have noticed that my 1999 23hp kohler has started cutting off just for a split second. About once every half hour. Hope it doesnt get any worse. It could be in the switch/wiring like someone said earlier

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