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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by create_username, Mar 13, 2008.

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    For the past couple months or so I have been reading your opinions and experiences with lawn equipment and I've decided on what I'm going to buy. Back in the early 90's I mowed and landscaped to pay my way through college and since I've decided to go to seminary getting back into it was the clear and best choice. I'm buying 2 redmax 8001 blowers, 2 stihl fs80 trimmers and shopping for the best deal on a 61 29hp kawi tt. I'm sure my trimmer choice seems out of date but I used the 85 series years ago and they did me well. Thanks so much for the info and be assured your advice and time on here made/makes a difference to my business.

    Thank you.
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    Your equipment decision sounds good... but isn't a new Turf Tiger a stretch for a new business?... Are you confident you can cover a payment like that (or justify throwing 12k down of your own money?) I got a steal on a new '06 Cub Tank M60 last summer... $6800 OTD... My business can cover that cost and I love the machine... Not trying to sell you a Cub, just wondering if you need to go throw around 12k before your established...
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    The mower is a 10200 and the main reason for this tt is the fuel efficiency. Scag says 1 gal an hour and that is a lot of what sold me on it. I found a 07 tt with 27 kohler for 8k with 130 hours but scag says it burns 1.4 gals an hour. As for the large price tag I consider it an investment and with the down payment i'm putting down the payments will be very low. Between my friends, family and church folk I have 24 so far that have agreed for me to do their lawn care (with no advertising). After looking at the pros and cons the worst that could happen is I fall on my butt, go out of business, but have a nice machine to mow my own property.

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