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Canton, MI
Well it has been about 4 years since i first started posting on this forum. Man have things changed, for the better. I would just like to say thanks to every one and I hope to that this site keeps growing and getting better. I just thought i would post this saying all the great things i have learned from this site. I like to think that I have helped a few people in my few years hear also. Well many things have changed in my business for the better and I would like to thank lawnsite for being there every step of the way!! Thanks to all the members and moderators for all of your help and i wish you all continued success. Just thought I should tell everyone have a great day!!



That is pretty much the exact reason why I created so many years ago... I am overwhelmed at what it has become today. I am very thankful that Sean seen and understood my 'vision' of and had what it takes to take it to any level needed.

Thank you very much for your dedicated years with the LawnSite community. You were only about 15 or 16 when you joined right? I wish you continued success.

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