Thanks to all for being you.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PMLAWN, Jul 19, 2004.


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    I have learned a lot here and been entertained often.

    Today I read the thread by Fatherandson and it moved me very much. But it was also great to read all the replies of support and prayer from all of you.
    We all have our way of doing things and feel that our color of mower is best, but when it's really time to be serious the truth comes out that you are all a great bunch of people.
    As LCOs working to better our trade and each other, and as people helping other people in times of great need, if only with words of support and true concern, I am proud to be associated with you and Thank You for having me and for being the people you are!
    Bill Sell, Mooresville, NC
  2. vipermanz

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    Thanks to you for being a member as well, None of us could learn if no one was here!!
  3. Tonyr

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    Truer words have never been spoken, well said Bill.

    very true viper, very true, this is one hellava site! sure has helped me a lot!
  4. MOJO111

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    I agree:D
  5. EastProLawn

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    You said it.:D .........
  6. Up North

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    I have to agree with you all. I think it shows that the strength of this industry is the PEOPLE who are involved. We certainly may not agree with each other all the time, but it's comforting to know that most will extend a helping hand when needed.

    When someone can experience such a tragic loss as FatherandSon or any of the LCO's with sick or ailing friends or family, and then feel that they can share that pain with fellow LCO's for some helpful words or prayer is quite extrordinary.

    Nice to be a member of such a fine group of people.
  7. bobbygedd

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    this is a very nice thread. i will admit the people here are sweet, caring, and seemingly down to earth. i do wonder however, if a member were in need, requiring more than just kind words, ex: financial problems due to illness, an injury that would cause him to miss a month of mowing, etc. would the members really step up, kick in a few bucks each, or cut a few of his lawns to help him keep his clients? i know i would in a heartbeat. why do i ask such a thing? my neighbor died, his family will be having tons of company over the next week or so. i went to the lawnguy that lives down the street, and suggested we cut the lawn, trim the bushes, clean the curb area at the guys house who lost his wife. the lawn guy said, "how much?" i almost knocked his freakin teeth out. i ended up doing it all myself.
  8. dvmcmrhp52

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    Bob,Good for you.
    Sometimes it isn't the money that counts,every now and then you just need to be human.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Maybe he is not on Lawnsite.
    My one dealer has a network board on the wall just for that purpose, If one falls, the others can help.
    To be truthful I will always offer help but I will be careful about sending $. Never can tell when they are telling fibs. Had a guy pull into one of my commericals last week. Lot was empty and place was closed. He walked up to me and asked for money to buy gas so he could get home to KY. Showed me the back seat had suitcases in it to prove he was traveling. Told him I had no cash but he was in luck because I carry a 5 gal. gas can full of gas. He said no that it had to be premium, He needed $ to buy it at the station. (he was driving a POS mid 80's chevy.)
    Therefore, Yes,I will try to help if they are close but sending $ cross country, I would have to say no.
    Bobby, I believe that you are a good person and I enjoy your posts. I know that you would help you fellow neighbor and I would trust you fully on any of my accounts.
    But as i was reading your post I started to think that you were way out of character--the last line about the teeth brought you back in. I await the day that we meet and I can buy you a beer.
    Till than, Happy mowing and keep posting.

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