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Thankyou everyone

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NewbieOwner, May 3, 2002.

  1. NewbieOwner

    NewbieOwner LawnSite Member
    from Alberta
    Messages: 61

    I want to thank everyone for their support with me getting my buisness going this season. It meant a lot. I'm now working my tookus off, I ended up with a MTD 21" mower (not cheapest out there, but not self propeled either) A ryobi trimmer and handheld blower. I'm renting a Stihl BR400 and a ryan power rake for cleanups (got in a bit of trouble with the power rake friday tho, I replace the stupid flails with vertical mower blades, forgot to swap them back when I returned it... Big Oops!)

    Occasionally having to rent a LA4 for some aerating too, its actually not too expensive to rent, probably cheaper than owning it!

    The weathers been by all accounts wacky, to say the least... But at the same time, I've managed to get 23 cleanups done so far, and I've got (last checked) 18 more sold.

    I have the highest price in town (almost double) But I have yet to hear anyone complain about my work. (one lady wanted to know why I didn't till her beds, "My old landscaper did") In fact I'm starting to get the impression certain customers are using that as part of the neighbourhood feuds. Gotta keep up with the Jones' don't you know! Not that I'm complaining!

    I bult my own neat little stripping kit for my mower (used some chain that was lying around under a garage door at work) was really easy to bend the links to get exactly what I wanted. We'll see how that works once the grass greens up.

    I am catching a little grief from customers/prospective customers. This is a small town, and after my first 2-3 days, I was getting so many calls at home, that I set up a voicemailbox system on my computer... People aren't too happy about "darn voicemail systems" :alien: I can understand their thinking, but its soo much easier to have billing and booking questions go to the woman in charge, lawn care/estimates go to me. Its much easier/cheaper (we figure) for her to just email service/estimate requests to my phone every hour or two, rather than me spending 2/3 of my day on the darn phone not getting work done. And her never getting to leave the desk!

    Also getting into some tree pruning... Fun stuff, learning things the hard way for sure! Lost some pretty decent $ so far (well not lost so much as didn't make a dime) But I'm learning, geting better at estimating, too bad major pruning work is pretty much done (saps not quite flowing yet, it only hit 28F today)

    All in all working 4-5 hours a day, I'm making better $ than I do at the damn grocery store (the other 9 hours of my day). We'll see how it goes, but I think I'll be quitting shortly!

    Thanks again everyone! It's great to be back mowing, my wife told me since we've moved up here I've "lost my smile" Apparently I've found it again in the last week! I can't thank you guys enough, you're great!

  2. Sean Adams

    Sean Adams LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,597


    You are ahead of the game. Most of the veterans of the industry will tell you that if they had something like lawnsite and all the other resources that exist on line these days, they would have made half as many mistakes and made a lot more money much quicker. Live and learn is always good, but acquiring as much information and experience as you can will allow you to learn from those who have been there. It's great to see that this business is affecting your life in a positive manner. Keep at it and best of luck!

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