That Customer I think everybody has one

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by meicher806, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. meicher806

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    I called her back and told her that I could give her a price over the phone, I gave her the prices she said she would have to think about it, I ended up raising my mowing price 35% on her yard, and just gave a flat tree rate for my 3 man crew to be there all day, prob.wont be there more than a hour.
  2. Stillwater

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    you been bidding it for 5 years? Why........
  3. mowerbrad

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    The only reason I would lower my price to get a job was if I really needed the work. Otherwise my price stays the same. And if the same person calls me every year for a bid and I never hear back from them, then there would be no way I would even take the time to bid on it.
  4. lawnman_scott

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    Thats what I thought. I get mad at myself when I get to a place I have bid before. Sounds like a pain who will only last a year until she moves on to the next unlucky guy.
  5. Danscapes

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    1) Never lower your bid to "get into" a neighborhood
    2) If she is that old, chances are she's close to kicking the bucket so you'll be out of an account anyways.
  6. mattfromNY

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    She's probably forgotten who she just talked to before she hung up the phone. I had a lady that called me 3 years in a row, never remembered me from year to year. I never did any work for her, was too scared she'd forget to mail the check. Bid it high and run the other way.
  7. Bustus

    Bustus LawnSite Member
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    I've had one that calls back maybe 2 years in a row but never 5. I think she knows fully well who she is calling, but just trying to shop around, or gets a new contractor every year.

    I had one this year that accepted my slightly high bid without question and was the nicest lady....always saying how I did a great job, etc. When it came to the first pay, she said shed prefer to pay cash but she doesn't have any on hand, so shell give it next week. She did but it would get worse as the invoices came. I decided enough was enough and waited for the next payment (which wasn't in full because she was convinced she didn't owe the whole amount) then I told her this wasn't going to work out and cut her off.

    She told me shes been getting her lawn done for a while by someone else which always raises a red flag for me because shes not with them anymore.
  8. obland

    obland LawnSite Member
    from USA
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    I get one guy that calls every year and every year I get to the house and remember it was the same guy once I get there. :hammerhead:
  9. txgrassguy

    txgrassguy LawnSite Gold Member
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    I do not lower my price structure for residential service. Period. Regardless of the neighborhood.
    I run a business, not a charity and should you get in the habit as a solo operator of low balling/ignoring your operational costs while chasing chiseling customers = out of business and quick.
    Estimates are given to customers, estimates are retained for future reference so if this same potential client calls later I already have a record. The file will contain a numerical identifier of either 1, 2 or 3.
    Chiselers are automatically a 3 and should they call back the estimate has gone up by a minimum of 20%.
  10. capnsac

    capnsac LawnSite Senior Member
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    you're better of to go golfing and enjoy your afternoon than work for free. forget her!

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