That Customer I think everybody has one

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by meicher806, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. kaferhaus

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    Amen to that. I've got stuff to do around my OWN house rather than work for nothing or worse take on a job at a loss just to "get into the neighborhood"

    Those things never work as a neighbor sees you there and then simply asks your customer what they're paying.... forget making your money off the "other" accounts in that neighborhood.

    I was "stupid" enough 20 yrs ago to try that.... I should write a manual detailing all the mistakes I made over the years!

    But that's what got us to where we're at today.... somehow!
  2. ExtExc

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    amen to that brother. BUT if i was dying to get into a neighborhood (say it was a well off development) i would maybe give them a better price if i knew they were the type to spread the word contagiously, and my quality of work would show for itself. i also would be sure to emphasize they are getting a special deal, and that their price should be between them and me only.

    or a simpler solution, tell them you will knock 5 bucks off their lawn a week, to put a nice sized, classy sign in their yard by the road. then target market poor lawns in the neighborhood with door hangers.
  3. IAgrassman

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    I bid lawns like I don't really "need" them. That way in my head I can say if I'm going to make this stop & mow, I'm going to be paid what it's worth. That makes it easy to give the price. I don't bargain and if they don't sign up I say good day and get back in the truck.If you get the job good ,if not you're only out the time for the stop and bid. Not a weekly loss and headache.

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