That tears it!


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My cousin is ticking me off! He comes over to my house and says stuff like &quot;I'm gonna beat you by charging less and getting more customers&quot; and &quot;I just advertised yesterday&quot; and stuff like that. I'm trying to not let it get to me but it's hard when he's in MY house and trying to bash me. I don't think he will get very far with a 10 year old crapsman and an electric trimmer. Good news he's not making cards on my computer but my sis gave him the program to make them. What I really is how he says his next job is going to be a resort. Yeah, the resort that my mom runs. He's all &quot;your mom is going to hire me to do the lawn at the condos.&quot; I told him I already asked and that I wouldn't get the job till next year. The job er is going for family again. What would you guys do? I'm getting really tired of this.<p>----------<br>Chelan Valley Mowing<br>- - - - Striping the way to success - - - -


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skag--the way things are going for you, your sister is gonna pich him the kews to your mower and you'r gonna be stuck with the crapsman!



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Stop your whining and worry about yourself. If your doing what your supposed to be doing, then you shouldn't have to worry about your cousin and his electric trimmer, believe me. Chill out dude!!



scag- Guido's right. If you're soo ticked off, do something. I know in a few weeks we'll be seeing you on the jerry springer show-"cousins fighting over the grandmothers lawn". and don't bash his equipment, because its his. at least he doesn't have to BORROW his. you said "What would you guys do? I'm getting really tired of this." I think all the lawnsite members and getting pissed at how you whine and don't do $hit about it. no one cares dude. if you can't roll with the big dogs, stay home.



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Amen Snow!!!! Scag, worry about yourself!!! Chances are, your cousin will get sick of cutting after one year and stop! So just sit back and wait.

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