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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, Oct 30, 2011.

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    I'm sitting here doing what will likely be the final invoice for most of my customers today, and was just wondering if others do anything different when sending the final bill for the season? I put a hand written note in each one, thanking them for the business, and tell them I'll plan on mowing again next spring, starting around April 1.

    I didn't do this the first few years I mowed, and it was always a stressful time for me the next spring, contacting each customer and hoping I'd have the account for another year. This way, the ball is in their court, so if they don't want me to mow for some reason, it is up to them to contact me and let me know. Otherwise, when the grass needs cut, I just start mowing.
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    @moturkey, I have always done that it and seems to work out pretty good. I tend to be more formal and put together a full letter explain any cost increase and how I arrived at them.
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    Same here, I would normally send out a letter at the beginning of the year but that may change this year. We are the owners so we have to stay on top of our customers to make them (and their business) feel appreciated. You could give some sort of incentive for next year, like $20 off the first mow if you choose us again.

    This past year I offered a 2.5% discount for those that signed a yearly contract. I lost a few as well due to me having to up my prices because of gas. That's just the way it is though, we cant absorb the price.

    The biggest thing I've seen the huge players do is offer that discount though.
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    Posts like this really make me glad I live in a mild winter area where I have year-round accounts.

    I think MO has the right idea of "assuming the sell" and putting it in their court.

    IJUST's idea still has him contacting each customer and the giving a discount on top of that.
    good luck freinds.

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