That was a close one!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnspecialties, Jul 18, 2006.

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    Well, with the temps. approaching the 100's this week, I thought I'd be a good Hustler owner and remove and clean my Kawasaki's radiator. I blow it out often but at 410 hours, some of the dust has settled in the fins too much and I know it's got to be affecting it's cooling ability. No problem, yesterday I was working at the fire station so I had a little time. It took about an hour but when I finished, the radiator looked good as knew. She even got fresh new Prestone.

    So today I'm cutting away and I'm at my third account for the day. I've already run about three to four hours on it so I'm sure all my efforts went without any glitches. Then all of a sudden, the engine just quit. I had just started up a hill so I'm thinking "what the heck". I try restarting. Nothing, then I start smelling gas. So, I get off and walk around to the back and there's my fuel line literally pouring gas right onto that hot muffler! The gas steam is rolling. I'm in the middle of this commercial yard with nothing to help me so what do I do? I reach in there getting gas all over my hand and grab the fuel line and direct it away from the exhaust while reaching up to shut off the petcock. It finally quits flowing and my heart starts slowing back down. I guess I had loosened the fuel line just a little getting the radiator off.

    Yes, it was blockhead thing to do, but if the Hustler lit up, there was absolutely nothing near me to fight the fire. Both fuel tanks were at about 80% full.

    Those here who know me also know I'm a firefighter.:dizzy: Tell that story at the station!:laugh:

    Anybody else got any good "close one" stories?:hammerhead:

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    When I First Started Cutting With Zero Turn, I Got A Little Too Close To A Hill And Let The Front Forks Go Off The Edge. Needless To Say, Thank Goodness The Scag Had Good Traction, B/c I Put That Thing Into Reverse And Held On As My Heart Sunk Into My Pants. I Was Lucky That I Was Able To Back Out Of It, But Every Since Then I Keep My Senses When I Get Close To A Drop Off. If I Had Gone Off Of That Hill It Would Have Been About 6ft Straight Down And I Would Have Probally Been Writing This From A Wheel Chair Or Something. Thank The Lord Above For Lessons Learned.
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    Just curious, doesnt it take a long time to type the first letter of every word in Caps?

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    ya, what is the reason for that?
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    I am a fire fighter too, defently sucks explaining to everyone when something of yours catchs fire.
  6. ALarsh

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    That was a little too close IMO. Thats when a $30 fire extinguisher would have been reassuring to have in the truck. Now go get one.

    btw, if you type with CAPS LOCK on, the forum automatically puts the first letter of every word in caps and lower cases the rest of the word.
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    My best one is still the Wb on a steep incline, I went to turn and suddenly the tire grabbed and the front came up... I was under the mower so I knew to get out of the way now and I got out of there just in time...

    The Wb continued to rear itself, flipped end over end by now it was all in slow motion, I could see the blades spinning (there is no safety cutoff) and it landed at the bottom of the hill on all four, spewing dust and clippings out the sides, still running WOT, hit that bottom like an A1-Abrams tank, I could swear I could hear the springs squealing from shock absorption (except there are no springs / shocks lol).

    As odd as it may sound, I was between scared to death and awestruck at the coolest thing I had ever seen a mower do without breaking to pieces, it was ready to go as if nothing had happened... Still, it slowed me down a lot, my confidence was shaken and I've not been as reckless since.

    I still wish I had pictures or better yet, a video... But there's no way I could've whipped out the cam if I had it on me at the time, and I'm not recreating the event either :laugh:
  8. Uranus

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    my buddy had a mower go up in flames. He was working for a real *******. He was mowing and thought he smelled someting burning, looked behind him and the trac vac motor was in flames. Some grass was blowing on the muffler from the lid seal and caught on fire. The funny thing is he had a bottle of water with him but didnt want to waste it on a hot day. So he said **** it and let a dixie chopper go up in flames.
  9. sheshovel

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    I drive a '53GMC truck and I started it up at the store one have to rev the engine to get the alternator to charge right. So I reved and smelled a little gas what the heck I thought maybe I had just pumped too much gas into the carb. So off up the hill I go. I was really tired it had been a long day I smell gas worse. I's dark no place to pull off the narrow road and my flashlight was so dim it woulden't have helped me see anyways under the hood. So I continue the 1/2 mile home with the truck barly running. As I pulled in front of my garage the motion light goes on and I see something shooting onto the hood, I mean shooting up and all over. I shut it down. I had driven all the way up the hill with the main gasline blown off and gas shooting all over the hot engine and exaust manifold. Why that truck did not catch fire and blow up I will never know.
    Lesson learned: When you smell matter where you are shut it down!

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