thatch due to red thread

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by swa240z, Jul 9, 2002.

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    I had a fairly bad case of red thread earlier this year (again) that resulted in heavy thatch in parts of my yard. Is it ok to dethatch this time of year or should I wait until the late fall?

    I have had red thread problems for the last three years, so this year I applied a couple rounds of fungicide to stop the red thread and plan to lay down two more applications - one in late fall (after dethatching) and one in early spring before the red thread gets started again. Hopefully this will keep it from showing up next year.


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    I can not say if it is good or bad but i dethatch all threw the year.
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    What type of grass? Cool seasom or warm? If cool season, you are better off waiting until fall when grass can recover from dethatching damage and you have less chance for weed germination. Warm season grasses are dethatched in summer when they are actively growing and can recover from dethatching damage.

    Fungicides help control a disease but do not typically eradicate the disease. Red thread occurs on lawns with slow growth. Proper watering, proper use of a balnced fert, elimination of soil compation and control of thatct can all help to prevent the affects of red thread disese infestations. If you want to elliminate red thread disease in your lawns, then overseed this fall with disease resistant grass cultivars that are not affected by these pathogens. Good luck.


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