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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bradylynn, Apr 22, 2008.

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    I hope I am asking the right group of people. Last year I rented a lawn thatcher from a company that recently went out of business. The thatcher had three pinwheels with long tines. As I pulled it behind my lawn tractor the tines turned and threw the grass thatch to the next rotating tine and then to the last. This resulted in a long narrow strip of grass clippings that followed to one side of my lawn mower and made for easy pick up. It looked just like the large ones you would find on a farm. The reason for my email is that I need to purchase one of these thatchers and I have no idea what they are called or how I would go about finding one. Hence, this is the reason I found your lawn care site. If you or one of the people who freqent this site would know the name of this device and how to get ahold of would be greatly appreciated.

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    Northenr Tool sells them.
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    Don't know what they are called but northern tool has them in there catalog. A company called Jrco makes a front mount dethatcher that works well and is made in the twin cities.
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    IMHO, They are a waste of money. You want to buy a piece of equipment that you will use once a year? My neighbor does his every spring and I NEVER have and I have one. His lawn looks like **** and mine is great. I aerate 2x/year and do a good fert program.

    Do you have a thatch problem? Treat the problem, not the symptom. Over watering, Bagging and high N ferts all contribute the heavy thatch

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