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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by vfig777, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. vfig777

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    I have a lawn to dethatch this weekend. (7000sq ft) and have some questions.

    Do I dethatch just once (in one direction) cleanup the thatch and thats it
    Do I dethatch in one direction (side-side), rake everything up and then dethatch again in a different direction (front to back) and then rake again.?

    Can I use a mower to pickup the thatch or is it recommended to rake it up

    I charged $260 for this (7000 sq ft) dethatch job. Does this sound about right?
    $60 rental fee
    $10-$15 bags
    $25 pickup and delivery of rental equipment
    $160 for the actual work
    I figured it should take about 4-5 hours (dethatching in 1 direction) ....... do you agree?

  2. fga

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    first things first..
    what we do:
    you thatch once over it anyway you like. we rake up the debris or use the blowers and make piles, pick them up. the cut normally.
    if the thatch you pull up is relatively light, and you don't go too deep, then a mower should be able to suck it up, although you'll be emptying the bag alot.
    i see you have some costs to put out, but that price is low, the 160. are you by yourself? and what mowers are you using. even by yourself, that shouldn't take that long, 5 hours.
  3. vfig777

    vfig777 LawnSite Member
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    What does this mean "the cut normally"?
    You said my price was low $160, what would you suggest I bump it up to.
    I plan on getting a helper to help out ($10 an hour), but I didn't factor that expense or less time to complete the job in the equation. I have a 6hp 22 inch Honda and a 12hp 33" stealth walk behind. I'm glad to hear its not recommended to run the dethatcher across the lawn twice.
  4. chuckers

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    for 7000 sq I would be about 320 roughly depends access to property how far have to move the waste from furthest point to truck. I don't bag I take the clippings in the trucks and take to farm to dump in manure pile.
  5. fga

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    :) "then" cut normally. when you get to know me, you'll see i type without looking sometimes.
  6. marko

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    I dont think it will take 5 hours. I would only go in one direction as it is pretty destructive. Use your mower to pick up (I always charged for a cut too), and put into piles. Then go back and bag the piles. If you did it right and the turf had a lot of thatch, you will be emptying the bag every minute or two. It is nasty work. I always try to sell aeration now to help control thatch levels.

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