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thats a first........


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from a previous post
i have a nut in the middle of 2 of my clients. he pulls the weeds from his left side house beds throws them on client 1 lawn. and does the same on the other side. the front he throws in the street and the rear he throws in the lake. some old people just are nut bags! what my clients want to do is throw them back in his beds and then throw their weeds on his property.
today i get there and after 10 min the cops show up and try to arrest me for trespassing on the property im mowing. they say the nabor called the cops and said i don't belong on there property. i keep copy's of all contracts with me & showed them that i mow the lawn and that the nabor and my client are feuding of dumb stuff. needles to say 1, im will no longer mow them. 2, the cops told the nabor if he does it one more time he goes to jail. ;) that was music to my ears.
anyone have that happen to them?

Gilla Gorilla

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You say you try to stay away from stress? Then why did you go to a bar and spend $45 when you could have picked up a 12 pack for less the 10 bucks and saved the other $35:D


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I would keep on doing the neighbors as well. Just watch your back


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Frontier-Lawn said:
i try to stay away from stress. i just spent $45 at the bar tonight trying to forget this fool.

$45 to forget an azz neighbor?
Wow, I want to own a tavern in your neighborhood.payup :D

Maitland Man

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We have serviced this couples property weekly for about 8 months now. At the beginning, our new customer warned us that the neighbor likes to call the police and raise cane over any of her contractors stepping one foot onto her property. I said "no problem, I will not bother her...she'd better not bother me." I looked, and the cookball lady next door had a string stretched out from back to front on both sides of her property-lines.:rolleyes:

No biggie, we shake our heads and laugh, and begin to work. Finishing up, the nut comes out the front of her shell saying "You shouldn't be on our property, and you blew this and that over here...I'm calling BBB, the PD, and the city commerce." I told her nope, didn't do it, whatever, just leave me alone.:rolleyes:

Next week a six inch wood bed trim fencing was set up along with the string from front to back.:dizzy: :dizzy: "hey guys, be sure and stay off her property, and don't get nothing on it." We got a call at our office with the same BBB,PD, etc crap. On and off for two months, she'd call weekly, and stop my guys when they were out there without me and lecture them for 20 minutes. We pretty much blew her off;)

Well the other week I was checking after the crew, and I come around the corner, and here's nutcase standing in the street talking my leadmans ear off about all the crap she puts up with. I stopped.:angry: She quickly walks up to me saying "Hiii Deeennnnnnisss I was just going over some things with, what was his name again?.....Well I"ll say..blah, blah, blah..."

:angry: :angry: I'm turning red because she's wasting my time and hasn't even got to her spew of complaints yet....so I interupted with.."Yea what is it....get to the point I have alot going on here." "Oh so you're going to be rude" was her reply. I told her that she was a constant pain and I don't give a hoot who she calls, just don't bother any of our team ever again, or b!tching about stepping onto her property, or leaves will be the least of her complaints when I got done. I started to turn and walk away, she's still gabbing. I quickly turned around and gave her the "scoot" motion with my hand...like you're brushing off your desk with your fingertips and "Now go on inside..go, go and call the police, go, go...call the BBB...go, go on now.

Didn't here from her for a few weeks. Yesterday......I'm with crew, and as we are leavin' the nut tapes some sign to the string right by the gate to our customers backyard. Being in the truck, and seeing her and only the back of the sign, we laughed and pulled away.....could've said keep out or something.

Last night around 8 or so she calls and leaves a message about how Dennis trespassed while picking up sticks and taking them to the truck...blah, blah blah.....

I'm still laughing over it, and I'll continue to wave at her house(knowing she'll see us) everytime we pull up!:waving: ....just would like to poke at the sleeping mutt if you know what I mean.:)



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Flint, Michigan
Make sure you do your cleanups only on the days that the wind is blowing toward her property. As you are gathering, there is really nothing you can do about the wind catching leaves and carrying them over there.