The 25hp Kohler is killin me!

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by bastalker, Oct 21, 2004.

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    Hey Terri...I have the lazer Z 60 with the 25hp Kohler on it. With 700 hours on it, the motor gave up..I had the exhaust valve an head gasket go on it. I took it to the dealer. He replaced the valve, an gasket.

    2 weeks later the same thing. It has also developed an awesome oil leak from the base (gasket!!!) Why is there no gasket for this? Dealer just puts permatex on it an calls it good. Says Kohler doesn't't make a gasket for the base...???

    Dealer fixed it again. While he was inside the head he found it cracked..The head was ordered an replaced. So was the burnt valve for the second time.Permatex, or gasket sealer whatever they used to fix the oil leak.

    2 Weeks later blow the other head in the middle of my biggest yard. Take it back to the dealer. He has to replace a burnt valve, and the head on the opposite side.

    Kohler now comes to the conclusion that all these problems are the result of using cheap gas. The dealer concurs with Kohler, and explains that Kohler is not going to honor their warranty now because I have been using cheap gas...

    I dont know about you, but I have personally seen the price of gas...It aint cheap. I also referred to the manual. It tells me 87 octane or higher. I use 87 octane.. In the mower, my vehicles, pretty much everything. The only problem I have had is with the Kohler engine.

    If Kohler doesn't't want us using less than 89 octane, this is something that should be stated in the manual. It is not.

    I really dont like the fact that Kohler wants to cop out on the warranty because I have been using 87 octane, which has been gumming up the valves an causing them to stick.....

    I can tell you this.....It has cost me alot more than Kohler has paid in down time!!!
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    And that is why my last couple of mowers have had a Kawasaki motors on them.

    I had a Kohler 22 on a Dickson and got the same, Bad Gas, inferior this inferior that story, somehow it was all my fault and my dealer said I had bad valves, till I noticed with the spark plug out, that one piston did not go up and down in the hole! Hmmmmm,,, Then it was I must have run it out of oil!!!!!!!

    I hope to not have similar problems with the Kawasaki's. Last 4 years or so have been great. Crossing my fingers for more good years.

    To finally get my Kohler warrantied I had to bully the Tech Warranty department at Kohler, and told them they needed to make up their mind one way or another. They would either fix my mower, or I was fixing it and we would resolve it later in court. They had already diddled with it 2 months, and I was loosing too much money to keep letting them fool around.

    Good luck. I honestly hope it works well for you.

    And as a PS, they upgraded the shortblock to a 23 Pro (which I doubt the shortblock is different than the 22) and it has run for the past 4 or 5 years trouble free.
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    As most know I'm not an engine expert by any stretch of anyones imagination. I generally associate burnt valves with an exhaust problem. Either too much back pressure created by a plugged muffler (caused by rust and decay usually) or an exhaust leak. If there is an exhaust leak (usually ahead of the muffler at the pipe, or flange) the engine can suck air everytime you shut it down or throttle down. When this happens this cold fresh oxygen creates a great deal of heat which causes the valve to burn...........As I said I'm not an expert and this is a WAG. My advice would be to visit with the dealer again and very patiently explain that you don't understand how thier explaination is possible and that you would like to visit with Kohler again and have them explain this to you once more. Since you've already had a couple of valves replaces request that someone drop them in a small box and send them to Kohler to have the looked at. If Kohler finds a problem with the valve they are NOT afraid to pick up the phone and say they made a mistake.



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